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Match Thread: Barrow v Port Vale

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17 hours ago, valefan16 said:

Looked a relatively scenic location all be it a bit of a hovel around the immediate area from the camera angle with the sea behind.

By location i meant in the back of beyond, long distances to travel for the southern teams and not easy to get to.

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I genuinely feel sorry for fans of the Super Six tonight.  Their clubs are in the process of global humiliation. Meanwhile in the meaningless football pyramid we’ve just witnessed a lad discarded

Remember how abysmal these dossers were against Tranmere and Walsall? Half of them on the verge of being registered blind? We've conceded 3 in the last 10. How does he do it?

Referee. Disgrace Linesman. Coward  Barrow. Animals  Vale. Superb . Job done 

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13 hours ago, LancyTony said:

I think you're the naive one! Imagining that it will cost us nowt to replace up to 16 players??? And I'm really surprised at your "targets" - Smith, Gibbons and Conlon? Smith has been almost back to his best when he had transfer rumours about a move. Gibbo has been desperately unlucky with injuries, otherwise he is one of our best; and Conlon?????...seriously - you're targeting Conlon? Who, at his current rate of development...and if we manage to keep him for another season...will be our next 7-figure sale!

Aim high - indeed - but stay on this planet! 

I see the point that we need to look at better players when we we can. But the cost issue of having 2 players in each position vying for one shirt is unrealistic I feel. But those 3 players mentioned are IMO the least of our worries. The problem has been building a squad around those better players, say a core or Brown, Smith, Gibbo, Worrall, Conlon, Rodney, even Manny would have have been in that bracket and to look at replacing the ageing players like Pope, Joyce and Legge. Askey wasnt been able to do it. He supplemented the squad with players that were worse and when the better players were injured or hit a bad patch then we struggled. 

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