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Season ticket announcement?

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You know she had to put in another seven figure sum out of her own pocket this season right? Do you think she can carry on subsiding COVID losses forever? Businesses need revenue. 

In difficult times for supporters and owners consider what Smurthwaite would have offered, bankruptcy and no club, at the end of the day Carol didn't have to do anything. Damned if she does and d

It REALLY is 10 quid though! If a shirt costs £40 and you use your voucher and get it for £30 that REALLY is a £10 saving. The fact that it may have cost the club less than half of that is irrelevant.

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8 hours ago, Fosse69 said:
8 hours ago, newchapel valiant said:
Spoke to Martin Tideswell 
Spoke to him just before Christmas and he said no decision would be made until they knew when fans may be allowed back so hold on a bit. 
Called again to be told no end of. 

But as far as I know some people did have refunds.

Yes i also think people have had refunds and Carol said on radio the other day that they need to contact the club and they would sort it out.

NV I am sure if you explain the situation to carol it would never have been a problem,i think you might have spoken to the wrong person imo.... i really hope you can get it sorted as under those circumstances surely it has to be.. good luck with it mate

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On 23/04/2021 at 22:41, newchapel valiant said:

No refunds mate for last season or this, loyal fans give money to club although when they ask for refund are told to go away. 

But you are loyal mate so don't worry. 

I have finished with this club after 50 odd years, not for me but for the treatment of someone else. 

I am not the only one, I have spoken to a few lads tonight who have agreed with me and said they are shocked and will not be renewing season tickets either. 

Owners under estimate the power of fans, just look at the super league that went well. 


Have I missed something here? I thought the club said it would refund all those who contacted the club?

I haven't asked but respect those who do/ have in what are difficult times.

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