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After the tragic death of Lee I've set up a just giving page to try and raise £1000 for his family from the Port Vale family.  It has really hit me for personal reasons as well. Won't bring Lee b

Overwhelmed by the response. The target virtually reached already. Don't know how these things work but it's not even been going a day yet.  Perhaps say someone like Mike Baguley could tweet

Hit me hard and as I said won't bring him back but once the fundraising over can liaise with people who can decide the best thing to do.  It's already raised a good amount  and thank you for your

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The thing is you only need to be that low for a brief period to take your own life.  Anyone who struggles with mental health problems knows that it can be a rollercoaster of ups and downs.  It only takes one very severe down to forget that an up can be just around the corner.  
Very true. It is a horrible experiance. Men statistically still have a high suicide rate.

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If I can give you all an update. 

A thank you firstly to both Jacko and Doha who have contacted Colin Garlick and Mark Porter respectively. That's been a big help. 

I spoke with Mark and he himself was going to contact the club and help out . I have then received a call from Adam Yates and Colin on speaker phone where they both spoke. 

Yatesy is along with other ex players like Marc Richards trying to coordinate things with Lee's ex clubs so there will be one pot instead of various different collections. 

Yatesy is contacting me again in the next couple of weeks and then I can close the collection and get the money to him to pass on to Lee's family from the Vale family. 

It's all gone mad really and it now stands at 2100. Superb effort from everyone. Glad I've now got some guidance as I was getting rather overwhelmed by it all and not knowing where to turn. 

Some great messages including one from somebody called ' one Darren Beckford' apologising as they could only afford 3 pounds. If you are reading this ODB it's not the amount it's the fact you took the time to think of others , so well done.

A brilliant effort from Port Vale supporters. 

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