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GTGS v Colchester United 20th March, 2021

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For selected home and away games played behind closed doors OVF will offer this stand alone competition called ‘Guess Times Goals Scored’. However, unlike the GTCs there are no rollovers / jackpots

This ‘Competition is conducted by Onevalefan and all enquires about prizes or other related ‘Competition issues are to be sent by pm to Barry Edge aka Aussie Rules and not, repeat, not to the Port Vale Football Club

Please read the following Terms and Conditions before entering this 'Competition.

Terms and Conditions of this GTGS are:

Prize details

1. The minimum number of prizes on offer for this ‘Competition equals 3 x £30 ‘Club Shop gift vouchers for nearest guesses to the 'Official Times Given’ for goals scored by either team in the Colchester United game on Saturday 20th March,2021

1a. A bonus £10 ‘Club Shop gift voucher is on offer for ‘Spot On guess’

2. Where more than 3 guesses are the same or nearest to the ‘Official Times Given’ Onevalefan reserves the right to award ‘Club Shop gift vouchers to the 3 Onevalers’ posting first

3. Winners have 30 days from 20th March, 2021 to claim their prizes

4. Winners’ prizes will be posted to home addresses

5. If prize/s not claimed they may be awarded to the Onevaler/s with the next best guess/s

6. Gift vouchers can only be used to purchase Port Vale Club Shop merchandise


7. Judges’ decision final.

GTGS details

1. All guesses - e.g. 22 minutes - to be entered in this topic thread only i.e. GTGS v Colchester United 20th March, 2021

2. Primary guesses can be changed up to 12 hours GMT on the day of the game. However, Onevalefan reserves the right to close this ‘Competition earlier or later than 12 hours GMT

3. All changes to primary guesses to be notified in a separate topic post

4. You are responsible to check that your member names and guesses have been entered and recorded correctly

5. All guesses will be 'as read' when the GTGS has been closed and no further guesses or corrections will be accepted

5a. However, in the event this GTGS is still open at 1500 hours GMT no further guesses or corrections after 1500 hours GMT will be acknowledged for inclusion in this ‘Competition

6. The Guess Register will be updated regularly

7. Onevalefan uses the official Port Vale F.C. website for confirmation of Times ‘Goals Scored’

No other Media will be consulted.


8. Judges’ decision final.

Always Port Vale :smile:

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By adding 2 x £30 earlier unclaimed GTGS prizes this weeks prize pool is a bumper £230 which means we can award 2 spot-on and 5 near miss winners – namely… 17 windsorvale4ever 18 Daddy Vale

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