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League 2 Relegation fight

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18 hours ago, valeparklife said:

Who are we supposed to beat of our remaining 12 games?

Bolton (H) - won 7 of last 8. Nailed on defeat tomorrow. ✔

Newport (H) - Pushing for promotion. Defeat.

Colchester (A) - Port Vale Benevolent Society will gift Colchester 3 points

Crawley (A) - Potentially winnable? Not really with anything to play for. Draw.

Exeter (H) - Pushing for promotion. Defeat.

Harrogate (A) - We never do well against these types of teams (small ground, players always up for it). Defeat.

Morecambe (H) - Pushing for promotion. Defeat.

Carlisle (A) - In worse form than us currently, but they'll likely have picked up by then. Draw.

Barrow (A) - See Harrogate. Defeat.

Bradford (H) - Pushing for promotion. Defeat.

Grimsby (A) - Potentially winnable. They are awful, but the Port Vale Benevolent Society might be out again. 

Mansfield (H) - Potentially winnable if they have nothing to play for and can't be bothered. 

I honestly think we won't have won a game by the time we play Grimsby. Our run in is horrific.

Well there's the first of my predictions in.

Newport won 3-1 away at Morecombe today, so we will be a walk in the park for them on Tuesday and another defeat incoming.

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Just now, Rory said:
2 minutes ago, ollyandpatch said:
I think your crystal ball needs a clean. Mine has been spot on since the end of January. !!

I'll bet you that we get another point then if you want? 10 grand, 20 grand, up to you.

We need four points to beat his apparent 38 point prediction

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So please advise me if I am wrong - coughing to downing tools and then coughing to ringing your boss to apologise...
And we should put our faith in these players to keep the league position?? A wholesale clearout needed, and that means everyone, regardless of our position. Simply not good / passionate enough to serve our club or North Staffordshire folks' work ethic.

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Newport will be difficult on Tuesday, especially on this pitch which is not helping us. Think we will have a chance at Colchester next week, they have two tough matches prior to that, am hoping we will have more space away that could help us. With the exception of Oldham Clarke has had a tough run of matches. With a 6 point gap over Southend (goal difference) we could still get out of this, but somebody has to get a goal.

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I'm not convinced that anyone genuinely thinks we'll go down if they're completely honest.
I absolutely do. There is no way we're a football league club next season.

3 wins in 25?

Other teams around us picking up points.

Haven't scored in last 4 home games.

Only scored in 2 from last 7 games.

It's a matter of time before we're in the bottom two.

Grimsby bottom. Vale 2nd to bottom. That's how it's ending.
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