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Match Thread: Tranmere Rovers v Port Vale


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10 hours ago, Portvale4 said:

I’m unsure on why Hurst is getting criticism. Can someone give me a good reason for the criticism? Give the lad a chance. He’s 21, playing in his first season in league 2. He’s out of position. He’s playing in a dogsh*t side. It’s as though some people just want him to fail. Get off his back and support him. Over the past 2/3 months there has players who have played a lot, lot worse than him. Before someone throws the ‘end product’ card at me, that will all come with time. He hasn’t even played 20 games for us and some people are still writing him off. 

I'm not saying the criticism of him is just or fair - the criticism should be pointed towards the management to a degree though, and the recruitment for a left winger.

Vale play with wingers on a massive pitch feeding strikers, that's generally the philosophy. Before the season started we had McKirdy, Montano, Worrall and Hurst who could play in that position. Worrall not favoured there granted, but I don't think anyone had Hurst making first team appearances, or being the go to left sided winger before the season started.

The fact he is 21 and less that 20 league appearances speaks for his inexperience at this level. I didn't really see people speaking of say Mike Calveley this way when he was on our books (that's just one example).

IMO I think he needs more game time at conference level, but that's just me playing devils advocate as well before I'm jumped on.

A good player potentially yes - league 2 standard and regular starter, not for me yet.

Can I say as well that being critical of someone does not mean they are not supported - even Zak Mills has got my support, they all look like they are trying. Some just lack quality, or in Hursts case inexperience.

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I think Hurst is the best crosser of the ball that we have in my opinion. He hasn't had the amount of games everyone else has and I know he doesn't have many/any assists but every ball he puts in is dangerous and it's nice to see crosses beating the first man for a change

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Hurst and Swann come on and in general play we were better.

How can anyone be saying the lad is not good enough is beyond me ,hurst is going be a terrific player .

He holds his position out wide and whips a decent ball in in what I've seen of him however it's no good putting decent balls in if no one gets on the end of them .

I'd say the strikers need show more desire and purpose and that includes Rodney who for 45 mins v Southend was excellent but not involved in the 135 mins since 


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