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GTGS v Southend United 30th January, 2021

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3 hours ago, johnstreet said:

47 minutes please.

   3.0 philpvfc
   7.0 Badgerspaws
   8.0 rayzer
  11.0 Conrad
  13.0 badboybubba
  14.0 Bernie's evil
  14.0 darren1810
  15.0 Norfolk Enclue
  16.0 windsorvale4ever
  17.0 Daddy Vale
  17.0 ClintonBoulton
  18.0 Another shropshire valiant
  19.0 themightyvale
  20.0 the valiant
  21.0 cheerycherub
  22.0 Properman
  23.0 rsb
  26.0 valefan16
  27.0 Player  Amordores
  28.0 Andy Proctor
  29.0 Princesslear
  33.0 newchapel valiant
  33.0 yoblet
  37.0 PVFC764
  44.0 tommytunstall
  45.0 valiant steve
  47.0 johnstreet
  63.0 jamiepvfc109
  67.0 Mellor!
  72.0 frenchie
  85.0 Doha2

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