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Interesting times again at Vale park.  Do we hope for a two week break in football or go for the new manager/caretaker manager bounce?  Which at Vale park does not always happen.  The break would allow the following:

  • Allow players to recover from their injuries. 
  • Allow Carol and Co time to bring a new manager in.
  • The new management team can then sort the players out and get them playing the way he wants them to. 
  • Also allows the manager and his team to get rid of players and bring new players in.  Hopefully the transfer window will be extended for the length of the football break as well.

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If you don't want to play for the club, leave.   If you need faith in your manager to be able to succesfully pass a ball 2 yards, you're in the wrong profession.   If you have lost faith in your manag

To the players. I have watched the excellent training sessions on many occasions and the input from John Askey,Dave Kevan and John Rudge has been second to none.Whatever has happened on the pitch afte

When I was working I had to deal with staff fall outs occasionally.  My policy was to take the parties into a room and say, look I don't want you to marry each other and I don't even want you to like

As much i dont think John Askey would have got us promoted the onfield attitude and lack of effort some of the players have shown is shameful and pathetic. As much as John has got is limitations the players need to take their share of responsibilty for the present league position. They have let the club and the fans down badly. I hope they dont go spouting to the media how sorry they feel for the gaffer because it  would sound very hollow.

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Too many players at the club simply not good enough for any side that wants out of the league, or in dreadful form and their careers at the club must be in question.

Not good enough:

Crooks, Mills, Whitehead, Robinson


Legge, Smith, Fitzpatrick, Joyce, Burgess, Oyeleke, McKirdy, Amoo, Cullen

Obviously Oyeleke and Amoo have the talent but neither seem capable of putting a run of games together. Joyce looks alright with legs around him when things are going well, but at times he looks an absolute carthorse. You wouldn't worry about him if you're the opposition, that's for sure.

I still think we have some good players for this level for any new manager to work with. Brown, Gibbons, Conlon, Worrall, Montano, Pope (still useful) and Rodney, if you're judging the latter simply on potential and what he could become.

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Vale players take a look at our history of players who have left under a cloud and then gone onto achieve better things elsewhere. Don't worry it's a very short read. If it simplifies things think snakes and ladders but don't bother yourselves with those ladders, as you won't be needing them. 

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