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Good see it's finally happening. Hope we have already made moves behind the scenes when the writing was on the wall to move on quite quickly.
Despite wanting JA gone for some time I do have a lot of sympathy for him the way this season has gone.  Overall I think JA has done a good job. He saved us from the football league, changed the culture in our squad, then the following season turned us into a team who played some very good football at times.
Its a huge shame it has unravelled this season. JA has been badly let down by players, who he has shown a lot of faith and loyalty too, plus some very very poor signings.
Also I have to give him a lot of credit for fronting up on Saturday after a really difficult lose knowing it was probably the end.
Good luck to JA wherever he ends up next. 

I think your key sentence is that he has been let down badly by the players - a team that has collapsed so drastically over such a short period isn’t just down to the manager
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