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Match Thread: Stevenage v Port Vale

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3 minutes ago, wotsyobeef said:

How about:

Not having Smurfwaite as an owner
Not having a strike force of Regino Cecelia and Martin Paterson
Not having a choice between Fasan and Mehmet in goal
That football is taking place during the pandemic
Not being bottom of the league
The fact that we have seen some wins this season
The fact that our club are doing great things for the local community
The fact that you haven't died from Covid
The fact that someday you might log onto ovf and not have to read yours and others over the top negative posts.

Its not great this season but there are plenty of reasons to be positive you just have to look for them rather than looking for reasons to be negative

I think some people are remembering last season with rose tinted spectacles. We were ok but not great. Every 4 or 5 games we had a really good performance. And the season was curtailed whilst we were on a great run. Its unlikely but we may not have won another game all season.

Why don't you go and tell a Macc fan all you problems and see where they tell you to go.

Hahahaha go bed mate

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Don't talk rubbish, Tyler.  It's just that I'm considerably older than most of you lot and so I've seen all this before.  That's why I don't think we're going to win the league every time we get three

Even worse, I think you could argue that our best 11 contains 10 players that Askey inherited; Brown Gibbons Legge Smith Clark Oyeleke Joyce Conlon Amoo Pope Worrall Add this

Tonight was a culmination of several weeks. We're just, fundamentally, not a playoff side. Yes, we had suspensions and absences. Stevenage had won 4 in 49 before tonight, and 1 so far this s

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Games like this reinforce the fact that Askey's transfer business is abysmal. in 2 and a half transfer windows he has failed to get adequate replacements for the aging Legge, Pope and Joyce. This is the type of performance you get when you have more Askey signings in the starting 11.

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1 minute ago, ClntonBoulton said:

First half...they have been streets ahead of us....we've been out thought/fought/and run.....skill level has been.....what skill level? Christ on a bike i'll take a point.

We look a bottom of the league team. If I was a Stevenage fan I wouldn’t be worried one bit. I’m praying we turn up this half

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Vale didn't start for the first 20 mins and have hardly got out of 1st gear thereafter. Their goal, was a shocker, awful mistake by Smith then powderpuff after that.

Balls from the back are woeful, ball just keeps pinging back from the front, Vale look disjointed, too mant changes.

Get Rodney down the left and Cullen up front, Mony to LB, Fitz off. We miss Tom Pope.


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