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Match Thread: Stevenage v Port Vale

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Wtf is wrong with people? Carol and Kevin paid many times over the odds to save this club.  They have financed it through Covid, done tremendous community work in the name of the club and have be

Don't talk rubbish, Tyler.  It's just that I'm considerably older than most of you lot and so I've seen all this before.  That's why I don't think we're going to win the league every time we get three

Tonight was a culmination of several weeks. We're just, fundamentally, not a playoff side. Yes, we had suspensions and absences. Stevenage had won 4 in 49 before tonight, and 1 so far this s

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1 minute ago, Doha said:

There is much to be surprised about, i.e. why the fk is this happening when we were storming up the league before the break. 

Taylor was a huge loss. 

I said in pre-season we could have done with signing one more CM because with the departures in the summer we were short in that position. I was right, we haven't come close to replacing Taylor and his output. 

As has been said previous. Askey has failed to strengthen or improve the squad. 

Wonder if we have ever worked on this system, certainly not with this 11 i bet. Infact i bet this 11 have never been paired together before. We seem to keep changing the system as we go along.

Still shouldnt stop better individual performances. Where is the performance from McKirdy

See nothing better on the bench. Obvious we try Cullen and Rodney but may aswell throw Hurst on.

Need a half time rollicking from Askey. *** Tyler B -- you get ready for this.

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Tyler, I would argue that even if the management is limp (and I don't know his character, or if he is a cup thrower in the dressing room), the players ought to have enough about them to fight as well.  It shouldn't  be a case of "these are the tactics, they are not working, but we'll panic and stick to them".  Professional players should be able to see what is going wrong and do something about it, rather than just hoof, lose it, repeat.  Try something different?


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3 minutes ago, Lornelounger said:

It seems to be a collective decline though?  We keep pointing at individual players, and Brown owes us nothing after the way he has played for us, so I'm not pointing the finger at him, but where were the defence?  If the midfield are being bypassed and not feeding the strikers, the defenders are in for a long night of pressure.  So frustrating.


I think that’s it. The existing squad has declined because Askey’s reinforcements have not provided any competition for places. They are worse. The squad isn’t motivated because there is no incentive to progress. 

No fans, so nobody to perform for or fear getting stick from. No nasty owner who would make you want to leave and a manager who has a “we go again mentality” meaning that there is always a next time to be good. 


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