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Match Thread: Oldham Athletic v Port Vale

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For those who criticise Vale,Oldham fans are very impressed with the Vale team,many stating they're the best team that they have played so far.Latics forum is the place for the praise.

He's got a busy day tomorrow.  Washing Askeys car apparently. 😂

A much needed 3 points today, it will keep some of the moaners on here quite for a bit!  The first half was excellent. We could have had three or four in the first 20. Credit to Amoo, he was abso

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Was the one on the right wearing an invisibility cloak?
He hit it at an angle across goal to the left, towards Piergianni, instead of into the bottom right corner. Theo mugged himself off there.
Will have to ensure I watch things again before I post as my memory obviously isn't up to it.
Still until the deflection it looked like he had done everything right.
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6 hours ago, Jacko51 said:

Tyler, you started a thread solely about Askey doing a dodgy job. Thought that was a bit OTT after so few games. 

I called him out on some poor decisions, such as his team selections and then trying to change a game with that was clearly going nowhere with 9 minutes remaining of normal time. I literally said in the first sentence of that thread that it wasn't an "Askey out" thread. Granted he's a lower league manager and obviously won't always get things right. Maybe I jumped the gun a bit but some of his decisions this season have warranted criticism, in my opinion. If we go on a good run I'll also be the first to praise him.

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21 hours ago, Jacko51 said:

I didn't think that ringing up Praise and Grumble saying Askey should go after half a dozen games was correct.  Just opinion though.

It’s nice that some things never change at the Vale.  I remember being in the Railway Paddock many years ago.  The Vale were cruising to a home victory with ten minutes to go and looked very much like promotion candidates for the top tier of English football.  The Vale supporter immediately in front of me turned to his mate and said “We’ll have to get rid of Rudgie if we go up”.  “Why is that?” responded his mate. “He has no experience at that level” – not quite true as I remember Carlisle spending a season in the top tier and being at a rammed St. James Park when they beat Newcastle 1-0, Ollie Burton missing a late penalty.  Anyway the two fans continued their discussion and I’m sure you will have a good laugh at the conclusion, Jean.  They agreed to sack John Rudge and appoint Paul Gascoigne!!!!  The only surprise to me was that they didn’t want to get rid of Billy Bell at the same time and bring in Paul’s mate Jimmy 5 Bellies.  Perhaps you would consider a swap – Carol for Mike Ashley?

Luckily you have great people now in charge of the Vale.  Count your blessings and long may it continue.

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