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90 min classic PVFC videos - update

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In recent days I have received loads of videos so I wanted to give you good people an update.

  • If you're not sure what I'm talking about - every Monday evening at 7.30pm since lockdown began I have been showing vintage Port Vale games in full.  They are "broadcast" live , show the full 90 minutes and you can comment on the action as it unfolds.
  • We're had the Autoglass final, LDV final, Everton replay, Derby County cup game, Brighton away final day game, the QPR draw, Stoke FA Cup replay - loads of games. If you've missed them you can still see most of the games here (some of the FA Cup ones have been removed) on the OVF YouTube channel
  • In terms of upcoming games, there is one stand out game from 1998 which I think you will want to watch...
    • On Monday we visit another Potteries Derby as we show the August 1995 game at the Victoria Ground
    • I've also kindly been sent the FULL NINETY MINUTES of the 1998 final game of the season against Huddersfield Town. I am sure that one will prove popular as I can't see the full match footage for that game available anywhere else.
    • I have at least two more games against Stoke City to show including the Autoglass semi-final game.
    • I also have one of the oldest games so far - the opening match of the 1991-2 season against Swindon Town
    • One common denominator of the games shown so far is - Vale have yet to lose. I've also got a fair number of Port Vale defeats (probably more than ten full games!) but I'll hold off playing those until all other games are shown. 
  • So there's going to be lots to see. If you have any videos you are willing to send to me do get in touch. I am personally looking for the 1987 visit to Fulham (I know there are a few copies of that around) if anyone has one.
  • Thanks for all the comments on the games. I'm absolutely delighted I've been able to do this and that many of you have enjoyed watching some of the golden years. I hope it has given some of you a Vale "fix" during this lockdown period.
  • Finally a question... I now have so many tapes I am considering running the YouTube viewings more often. I am contemplating having two games a week (it's getting like "real" football where there's two games in a week). Would you like another evening (e.g. Thursday works for me) of games? Let me know if you do.





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11 hours ago, Conrad said:

The more the merrier for me rob, just keep showing the victories over Sjoke, never tire of watching those.

Thanks. Anyone else up for two games a week?

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Incidentally, some of the earlier Port Vale / First Team video efforts have to be seen to be believed.

The Port Vale v Swindon game from 1991 was my latest to be converted. However, it runs out 42 minutes into the second-half because... that's how long the video tape is!!! So the last three minutes are missing.

There appears to have been no checking that this was the case while the commentary appears to have been recorded in a broom cupboard.

At least the more modern efforts are bit better quality!

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I've also discovered a copy of the Port Vale v Arsenal game. I didn't even realise that one was on Sky. When that comes on I'll have to change it from "full 90 mins" to "full 120 mins"...

Anyone else for any extra match nights?

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