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Vote: Do you support Port Vale's attempt to change the alcohol ban?

Do you support Port Vale's attempt to change football's alcohol rules?  

87 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you support Port Vale's attempt to change football's alcohol rules?

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    • No
    • Unsure

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Wouldn't make any difference, people buy a couple of bottles about 35 mins in and then stand in the doorways chugging them down before the second half. Don't see a problem with them returning to their seats with them.

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I can do it at rugby, why not at football? 

I suppose there might be a problem with some pre loading before they get to the ground, but efficient stewarding should weed those out.

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I don't think the rugby/cricket vs football argument stands up, as football fans are inherently antagonistic and tribal towards each other on match days (which is what makes football games 100x more fun to attend as a spectator than the other sports). Its like apples and oranges; both sports, but the fan culture are polar opposites. 

I've had some horrendous experiences with inebriated fans; threatened, abused etc. On one occasion the club urged me to take legal/police action, such was the severity of the incident. I decided not to due to the impact it would have had on the individual's professional and personal life. Two people with me that day, previously home + away Vale fans, have not been since, and two people we'd brought for their first game have never returned. This sort of issue has happened a couple of times, primarily because I used to attend with a couple of female family members (not to say that women are in an away different from a male fan, just these two in particular struggled with the aggression and behaviour of some at times).

I love a lively atmosphere, which I feel we've lacked at times in the past seasons (no idea why), but do I like it to the extent that people less comfortable with drunkenness, 'laddish' behaviour, and rowdiness are made to feel uncomfortable? No. Should these people, often elderly or families, be excluded from away days/matchdays because some people can't hold their drink? Definitely not.

I am torn on the issue because 90% of folk would sensibly enjoy a nice pint whilst watching the Vale storm to the League 2 title, but the 10% of mindless idiots who will arrive tanked up, proceed to get more tanked up through the game, and then cause problems when Monty shanks one into his own net, put me off. Away games especially would be a concern, as, in close proximity, that is where most of the issues I've had are occurred. 

Would be a revenue booster for sure though. Can't make up my mind.




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Voted for it. It’s about time folks realised that most  football fans aren’t second rate compared to Rugby, Cricket etc. Difficulty is policing it though and when it kicks off, eg a goal and someone chucks a drink.

Maybe just allow it in the posh end to begin with. What next though, bins for rubbish in the ground? Piss free toilet floors? 

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