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Other clubs releasing players...

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6 minutes ago, Wrex said:

Doyle scored 25 goals in 36 games for Swindon last season. But if I was a club owner I'd sooner have 22-year old Devante Rodney on maybe £50,000 a year for three years than 32-year old Eoin Doyle on £200,000 a year for three years.

But Bolton are a massive club for this level and they're free to set whatever budget they feel they can afford. You can't guarantee promotion but signing players like Doyle make it a lot more likely.

If he does his cruciate in the first game, they're stuffed!

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16 minutes ago, Joe B said:

I want to make it my life's mission to convince lower league fans that 'I recognise that player" does not equal "this is a good signing".

Every summer, people flick through the signings a club makes, and if they recognise over half, they deem it 'good business'. No idea of wages, contract length, age, injuries, whether the player is on the decline, whether the play suits the play style, whether the player fits in the formation. Happened with Mansfield, Bradford's ludicrous overspending on pensioners like Donaldson, Salford signing half of League 1 etc.

Recognised = good is why so many clubs balls up their signing every summer.

Summer signings are only as good as their following season.

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On 22/06/2020 at 21:38, darren1810 said:

Cheers for that , some good players released.

I had it in my head that Carvalho at Accrington made one appearance for us at Orient a few years ago on loan from Everton. Obviously a different fella,

Carvalho was signed to vale aswell. He was part of Smurf development squad that was put together in his first year of ownership.

Gary O'Neil, Cheyne Alexander, Ben Jefford, Louis Tambini and Dominic Bell were some of the others, I think Carvalho and Hugill were the only ones to make it in league football I think.

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