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Mr Trump: he's such a nice man!

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5 minutes ago, Jacko51 said:

Biden does this in public - Trump does far worse in private!

If Biden does things like that on camera I wouldn't want to know what he's like in private either 

I wonder if both of them have ever visited Epstein island

Just don't let Pope see this video, I don't want him to go on Twitter again! 😂

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I love this report from a journalist covering their first Trump press conference. The last paragraph is the killer... The press conference I tuned into by chance from my New York hotel room was h

It is though isn’t it.  No one else cries about being misinterpreted and then waxes lyrical about the accountability of words and people misinterpreting who they may or may not be defending.

That’s nothing. The American president prefers putin to his own intelligence service. 

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I agree, I didn't post it as if Trump is a better option because Biden likes to sniff child hair though. I just posted it because it's weird. It's a shame that those are the only real options for them. That Bernie guy always seemed decent and tends to do well with support up until the last year or so and then he just seems to stop, or at least I don't see any news on him. Think he went quiet just before the last election too and passed his support on to someone else.

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2 hours ago, Jacko51 said:

If that video is a reason to vote for Trump I fear for the sanity of the American voter. 

Who votes on the basis of a video, Jacko?

Policies still matter. And the record of the candidate.


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Against any other opponent in US history Biden would look like a terrible choice but against Trump he looks like the saviour of the world and most of the sane people in the world are praying that he triumphs.

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On 10/09/2020 at 09:18, Jacko51 said:

Just type “is Trump racist” into google and this turns up 


Good people on both sides...proof that the media is fabricating incidents of trump racism no? 


I see it's listed on that wiki page as evidence of racism. I don't think you can accuse a statement which clearly and totally condemns white supremacists and neo Nazis as racist without having some sort of agenda. 


Pre covid you had the highest ever level of black employment in the USA.

You had real growth in the wages of the lowest earning 20% of the population, which is disproportionately more black.

He also started reforming the prison system which I think any reasonable onlooker will admit disproportionately adversely affects black people.


I just wonder why those things aren't taken into account when discussing trump's "racism". 

It just doesn't stack up.


I think Bidens "you ain't black if you don't know who to vote for yet" comment is far more overtly racist than anything I've seen trump say? 


His running mate Harris has a horrendous record of sending black people to jail for next to nothing. Of burying DNA evidence to protect her convictions. She was part of the problem that many people accept is systemic racism. Trump has taken action to remedy that.


Reading that wiki page...is any of it actual evidence?


-he believed Obama was Kenyan born...ok?

-he believed some guys convicted of a crime were guilty and kept that opinion after they were exonerated...ok?


The only cast iron allegations of racism I've seen are the 1970s housing stuff...  Even then the evidence is far from conclusive.


Is this not just another left wing smear? 




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