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Boxes and Sponsorship.

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13 minutes ago, Gungho_ED said:

I'll tell you what does my head in. Last season i had a table in the Bailey Lounge a couple of times. You get a seat outside with the deal. My mrs was ill but still came. She wanted to watch from inside but they will not let you watch the game through the window at any cost. There are 2 blokes who are proper hypocritical arseholes who stop you. Then the second you walk out of the room they go to the window and watch the match.

I thought the point of hospitality was to be able to watch from inside or outside

They say that the police fine the club if someone gets seen with a drink in their hand. One of my guests, an old bloke who only drinks tea, and they wouldnt let him.watch either. One of the matches was on a very cold day in February.

I spent over 2 grand on hospitalty last season. That alone is enough money to change the glass to tinted so plod cant see you having a pint 

Slightly off topic but a similar story from Colchester last week.

a couple of vale fans had bought a beer at ht, then sneaked it into the stand under their coats for the second half and were sipping it as the game went on.a couple of stewards clocked them, so the stewards were standing over them whilst they necked the bottles, pointless they still drank the bottle in the stand but necked it one go instead of slowly sipping it which is surely worse.

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The idea of hospitality, executive boxes etc is that they are for corporate folk.  People who might also be tempted to invest in other areas of the club.  Sure you might get the occasional birthday treat or similar but there should absolutely be a strict dress code.  It should be a professional environment, not something where a group of mates can club together so they can smash the ale in the bar and wander to there box behaving as if they are sitting in the paddock looking like they dressed for a pint in the bulls before the game.

Its held us back for years that our corporate hospitality has been treated as more expensive season tickets for regular fans.  It's just not the point of it, like it or not and if folk want the club to move forward they are simply going to have to stop crying that they have been asked to smarten themselves up a bit.

Moan moan moan.

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46 minutes ago, tisdeano said:

Some delightful jean and smart jacket ensembles on show today along with some ill fitting suits

What about the ladies?

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