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Just a Heads Up for 2019/20

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3 hours ago, Aussie Rules said:

Since 2006 Ovf has conducted well over 450 'Competitions for prizes including the now popular 'Guess the Crowd'.

During the forthcoming season - all things being well in OVF Towers WA - we will most definitely reach the magical number 500. 😎 


Good on ya Barry, looking forward to it.

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9 hours ago, The man in the pub said:

Hopefully guess the crowd will have higher numbers this season as stay away fans return. Hope I am always underestimating with my guesses.

Hi Steve,

Our highest to date is 253 v Burton Albion (A) 5th April, 2013.

Our lowest was 43 v Swansea (A) 9th April, 2007



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