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GTC v Forest Green Rovers 23rd March, 2019

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This GTC asks for the ‘Official Crowd Given’


This ‘Competition is conducted by Onevalefan and all enquires about prizes or other related ‘Competition issues are to be sent by pm to Barry Edge aka Aussie Rules and not, repeat, not to the Port Vale Football Club


Please read the following Terms and Conditions before entering this 'Competition.


Terms and Conditions of this GTC are:


Prize details


1. The prizes on offer for this ‘Competition number 6 x £30 ‘Club Shop vouchers for correct or nearest guesses to the 'Official Crowd Given’ for the Forest Green Rovers game on Saturday 23rd March, 2019


1a. A bonus £10 ‘Club Shop voucher is on offer for a ‘Spot On’ guess


2. Where more than 6 guesses are the same or nearest to the ‘Official Crowd Given’ Onevalefan reserves the right to award ‘Club Shop vouchers to the 6 Onevalers’ posting first


3. Winners have 30 days from 23rd March, 2019 to claim their prizes


4. Winners’ prizes will be posted to home addresses


5. If prize/s not claimed they may be awarded to the Onevaler/s with the next best guess/guesses


6. Vouchers can only be used to purchase Port Vale Club Shop merchandise


7. If the game is called off this FGR GTC will be declared null and void with the 6 prizes plus ‘Spot On' guess prize jack-potting and added to any prize/s offered in our next selected home or away game




8. Judges’ decision final.


GTC details


1. All guesses to be entered in this topic thread only i.e. GTC v Forest Green Rovers 23rd March, 2019


2. Primary guesses can be changed up to 12 hours GMT on the day of the game. However, Onevalefan reserves the right to close this ‘Competition earlier or later than 12 hours GMT


3. All changes to primary guesses to be notified in a separate topic post


4. You are responsible to check that your member names and guesses have been entered and recorded correctly


5. All guesses will be 'as read' when the GTC has been closed and no further guesses or corrections will be accepted


5a. However, in the event this GTC is still open at 1400 hours GMT no further guesses or corrections after 1400 hours GMT will be acknowledged for inclusion in this ‘Competition


6. The Guess Register will be updated regularly


7. Onevalefan uses the official Port Vale F.C. website for confirmation of ‘Official Crowd Given’


No other Media will be consulted.


8. If no record of ‘Official Crowd Given’ is recorded by the official PVFC website this FGR GTC will be declared null and void with the 6 prizes plus ‘Spot On' guess prize jack-potting and added to any prize/s offered in our next selected home or away game




9. Judges’ decision final.


Always Port Vale :smile:


3839 please Barry

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Attendance 4017




3,210 Rampant Zebra

3,414 ClintonBolton

3,420 Conrad

3,486 Daddy Vale

3,521 rsb

3,553 Badgerspaws

3,670 NEV

3,674 Andy Proctor

3,678 Bernie's evil

3,700 philpvfc

3,747 Heatwave

3,784 Bycarsbill

3,789 badboybubba

3,823 toolroom6

3,833 billbee33

3,839 valeforsale

3,847 Houston Valiant

3,865 t.punchard

3,875 man in the pub

3,896 Row L

3,898 onestepatatime

3,901 valefanintean

3,926 Bald Eagle

3,950 wwindsor

3,977 windsorvale4ever

3,995 Brown Edge Normski

4,000 TheSage

4,017 DistantVale

4,018 Talke Valiant

4,034 Cheltenham Valiant

4,038 valepaul

4,040 tommytunstall

4,057 The One

4,082 themightyvale

4,118 chloebee

4,127 Kes1974

4,174 Leeny0

4,175 westy58

4,184 BrayfyBoy

4,192 werstayinup

4,225 PVFC764

4,231 Doha2

4,242 whotobeakiller

4,288 valefan16

4,325 Howjy04

4,444 PVTony

4,567 valechef78

4,567 geosname

4,671 Bradwell Exile



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