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Close Season Mini Competition No 60

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Close Season Mini Competition No 60


This ‘Mini Competition’ is conducted by Onevalefan and all enquires about prizes or other related ‘Competition issues are to be sent by pm to Barry Edge aka Aussie Rules.


This ‘Mini Competition’ is in 3 parts and will be declared won when:


    The 3 player’s name, spelt correctly, have been posted in this Topic Thread, plus
    At least 2 other reasons for your nomination


Further, your answer must be in 1 post only – not multiple posts.


The source for some of the research may includes the Onevalefan player database, and whilst there may be other sources to challenge its authenticity it still remains a ‘Prime Source’ for this ‘Mini Competition’. The World Wide Web was also researched.


Judges’ decision final with no correspondence entered into.


So, all you need do to win a £50 ‘Club Shop voucher is to be the first to post the correct answers to this little cryptic poem:



Who, which and when?


With heroes on both sides

I found it hard to choose –

One would be a winner,

The other one would lose,

One was once a miner –

His national shield safe,

And those who held the power

The other one would take


A modern Captain Braveheart

With ten roses red and true

Faced a northwest warrior –

A Tribal favourite too,

With the nation looking on

That spring and sunny day

The Warrior won the spoils

With his magical display


July 23, 2017

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Stan mortensen, Nathaniel lofthouse, William Moir,(Scottish) 1953 FA cup final, ten roses red , ten Bolton players from Lancashire


Bless me, and congratulations :clap: - I'm well impressed :yes:


I would have sworn it would take at least 24 hours to solve.


All you need do Kevin is pm your name and address to yours truly and I will do the rest :smile:

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I got the red roses was something to do with Lancashire, probably Bolton, but would never have got that answer.


The '53 F.A. Cup was the 1st live game I saw on the television - courtesy of the BBC.


We were living in 17 Millward Road, Bucknall and mum suggested we get a television to watch Elizabeth II's coronation live in June.


We purchased our 1st ever television from Mr Ellis’ shop in Hanley. It was a Philips ‘Philco’ model with double doors to protect the screen when not in use and arrived a few days before the 'Cup Final.


As for the Mini Comp: I was feeling pleased the clues would take 24 plus hours to solve the riddle, but Sammo did id in less than 2.


Respect Sammo :yes:

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'A real toughie'?


I didn't have a clue about the last one :wink:




Well Melv, sometime today you will have another chance to pit your encyclopaedic memory against other OVF brainy-ones to win a £50 'Club Shop voucher :yes:


Mind you, this time around I'm not going to predict the 'solving time :laugh:

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