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Latest OVF Competitions in Numbers

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This is a special 'Thank You' to all OVF members who participate in and make our 'Competitions so successful, and with your permission share the following:


OVF Competitions in Numbers

5th August, 2006 to 19th October, 2019


Introductory Note:


Karl Proctor's aka werstayinup suggestion to conduct a 'Guess the 1st Goal' competition c2006 gave rise for me putting a little 'pelf' into the 'Club's coffers and for doing my bit for all things Port Vale. Then, with Onevalefan providing the perfect platform to run the competitions and Andy Burgess arranging 'Club Shop vouchers for the winners the rest, as we say, is history.


46,970 Is the total number of GTC guesses over time, divided by

  • 416 GTC Competitions, equals an average of
  • 113 guesses per 'Competition


1.662 Is the number of OVF prizes won in all 'Competitions 

494 Is the number of OVF Competitions

  • 416 GTC

  • 62 ‘Who Am I? and

  • 16 Other


431 Is the number of winners in all 'Competitions


253 Is the highest number of GTC guesses v Burton Albion (H) - 5th April, 2013


43 Is the lowest number of GTC guesses v Swansea City (A) - 9th April, 2007


35 Is the number of onevalefan members who have won 10 or more prizes in all 'Competitions


26 Is the highest number of OVF prizes won by an individual onevalefan member

  • Paul Machin aka Spunk Trumpet


13 is the number of GTC ‘Spot on Guesses’


4 Is the number of GTCs won consecutively (Paul Machin aka Spunk Trumpet

  • 08.09.2012 Rotherham United

  • 15.09.2012 Plymouth Argyle

  • 22.09.2012 Gillingham, and

  • 29.09.2012 Bradford City


4 represents onevalefan members who have won 20 or more prizes in all 'Competitions:

  • 26 Paul Machin aka Spunk Trumpet;

  • 25 David Williams aka daivitatpreston;

  • 24 Martin Sims aka billybone54; and

  • 20 Carl Lorenz aka Birches Head Fred


Other Important Notes:


70 is the number of onevalefan members who seem never to miss a GTC Competition


15 is the number of onevalefan members who seem to put some serious thought before placing guesses


5 is the number of onevalefan members who seem to give very serious consideration before entering their guesses



Karl Proctor aka werstayinup won our very first OVF Competition named '1st Goal Scored Season 2006/2007'

  • Port Vale 3 : 0 Leyton Orient; Leon Constantine 43, Leon Constantine 72, Akpo Sodje 78



Tim Allman aka timvalefan won the very first OVF GTC Competition

  • Nottingham Forrest (A);
  • His guess was 7,418;
  • The crowd was reported as 7,388


Yours in all things Port Vale,


Barry 😎


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Hi Barry.. Just had the £40 voucher through the post, couldn't work out why!! So I was going take it back the shop on Saturday morning thinking it was sent by mistake, but just checked on previous games and see i won it for the Oldham game, didn't realise i had won, so thank you kind sir..

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