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Dyke spouting his guff again


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Whilst I think the above players improved, they were already accomplished professionals before they were transferred abroad.


That's exactly the point and why I struggle to identify someone who improved. Perhaps Lineker is another player who improved at Barca and Luther Blisset is an example of someone who possibly improved as he wasn't as accomplished a player as say a Lineker or a Keegan when he went abroad.


What I'd like to see is many more development squad players (18-21) showing more keen-ness to get first team football abroad or at lower division clubs. I suspect their clubs don't help them in this, because they feel the standard of coaching is poorer at lower division clubs, although this argument couldn't hold up in a national context.


I'd say some-one like Jermaine Defoe's career improved dramatically as a result of going out on loan to Bournemouth when he was a younger man. His goals also benefited Bournemouth as well (something like 11 in 11 games before failing to score against the Vale in the 12th game if memory serves me correct).


Good shout on the Defoe experience. One player who looked a future star for England at U21 level was the Blackburn striker, Derbyshire (can't remember his first name), he went around a number of clubs and ended up in Greece but it didn't work out for him as I believe he's back in the lower echelons of UK football.

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They don't get the chance to show that they are good enough..Chelsea too busy bringing in ready made players who have proven themselves already Europe or South America rather than give a home-grown player the opportunity to show what he can do


What's the point of their academy then?

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