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Stream for tonight.


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You will get all the streams on Wiziwig.tv


Be careful with Cricfree / Whisiwig - don't download the thing it says you need (Video Downloader etc) that you seem not to be able to get rid of from the middle of their screen - if you do download, you will get malicious software.

To get rid of the first advert, just wait, the other one, maximise to full screen (bottom right of Cricfree window) and it disappears !


Not sure if I have any malicious software left on mine though - I did a scan after going on cricfree last night and 62 items had to be removed but seems ok now.


If I lived in S-O-T I would watch it at Vale Park, but not many places near here (Preston area) will be showing it.


Predictions anyone ? I'll go for Shortwood 1 Vale 4 with a couple for Hughes, and Robertson and Pope also scoring.


Nice little earner tips - Robertson anytime scorer at about 15/1

or a few pennies on Robertson to score first in a 4-1 Vale win at anything from 200/1 upwards.

Ive also had Lines first scorer and Vale 6-2 at 3000-1 (just 10p though - last of the big gamblers here!)

Hughes to score twice is about 15/1 and worth a quid or two as well.

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