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It is just a guess though and not a fact. Crawley will bring more to Vale than most of the localish teams brought this year. I imagine Luton or Wimbledon both will as well. Add to that Bristol Rovers and Plymouth and I think it will be about the same. Certainly not 300-400 average off the away following as stated earlier.


Crawley took 80 fans to York for a game that could have seen them promoted. They only took a couple of hundred to Tamworth to win the league because free travel had been provided. To suggest they'll bring more to Vale than most of the localish teams is based on what? Clearly not the numbers they've travelled in this season, gloryhunters day out at Old Trafford aside.


Only 750 watched Wimbledon win away at Histon, including home supporters, so if they can't travel in numbers for a local game when they're pushing for promotion, I can't see them bringing many to Vale Park. The old Wimbledon never travelled in numbers.


On the other hand, Chesterfield averaged the 3rd highest away following in League 2 this year, Bury the 9th best and we could lose Shrewsbury who were 5th highest for away support. Stockport were 8th best for away followings despite their awful season.

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