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  1. Rodneys scored more in 1 season than pope has in 2.
  2. DF also told Pope he could leave Bury twice so I think that's more likely to be the case. The fact that DC hasn't even had Pope on the bench also speaks volumes, imho. As somebody else on here has said, a lot of Vale fans seem completely unable to accept that Pope isn't the player that he was, and are unable to let go. He's 36 soon, is on a fat contract, has scored in 2 games this season, scored less in 2 seasons as Rodney has in 1, has brought the Club into disrepute through his actions on social media, and has largely been ineffective when he has played. But, for a lot, that means a new cont
  3. God help him if he came here. 1 game without scoring: 'We're going to achieve nothing with non league signings', 'he's crap', 'we should have kept Guthrie', 'we need Pope'.....
  4. I do think that those who are expecting/hoping Pope to get another contract are going to be very disappointed. From what we know and have seen so far, DF twice told Pope he could leave Bury, and DC already seems sick to the back teeth of the constant repeated questions as to Pope's availability. I can't see neither DF nor DC wanting to keep a soon to be 36yo with a very poor record over the last 2 years at the Club, particularly when such individual seems to be bigger than everyone else, including the management team
  5. At the rate Pope moves I'd be done for kerb crawling rather than stalking. He'll be back soon Doha, though I think your rooftop will need a good clean before he does. Don't want you slipping on all the moss [emoji38]
  6. I think I remember him scoring once but I could be mistaken Edit: just checked and he actually didn't, so God knows what I was thinking of. You're 'talking crap' because it's Tom Pope and Pope lovers don't like facts
  7. Most accurate post of the season. I would only add that, even if he does leave, we will still be subjected to 'Pope would have buried that/He's not a patch on Pope' for the next 4-5 seasons
  8. When are people gonna stop suddenly expecting Pope to score goals for us? I know, if you listen to some on here, he's scored 10-15 since he's been out, but he's scored 3 goals out of our 43 this season, across 2 games, and got barely any assists. People say if he'd played against Oldham, he'd have had a hattrick. The Oldham game was very similar to the King's Lynn game. Pope played. Didn't score. Sick to the back teeth of some giving Rodney et al hell on here, yet Pope gets all of the leeway in the world. Rodney, in his first full FL season, has scored pretty much what Pope has in nearly 2 lea
  9. Please. Plenty of teams have stopped pope scoring this season and last. He's only scored in 2 games this season. Get a grip. Once again, pope scores a lot more when he's not playing
  10. Whoever we sign having freed up pope's wage at the end of the season
  11. The stats suggest otherwise. Rodney now has the same amount of league goals from open play already this season than pope has in this and the last combined, in less than half the appearances. Rodney also had more assists
  12. Shall we credit that one to pope doha? [emoji38]
  13. I don't hate Pope. I just have a different opinion to a lot of you, based on what I've seen, and am not afraid to air it. I'm not stuck in 2013 like a lot of you seem to be.
  14. You will do anything to give pope a goal won't you?! Clearly not pope's goal, nor was it going in
  15. The problem is that he probably is in all but title. His article is the complete opposite of his article when aspo (I'll never sub tom pope) left. He wants pugh to get the job cos he knows he can lean on him to play him. For me, the sooner he's out of the club the better for all. It's not rocket science to see that the one full season that we've done well out of the last 3 is the one in which we had a manager who saw beyond Pope.
  16. My main concern with pugh being in charge is that it will be a 'jobs for the boys' mentality, with the likes of smith, legge, Joyce and pope starting every game when fit, regardless of performance. Hope I'm wrong, but I do worry about pughs ability and respect to say no to the older underperforming players
  17. I can just about understand some wanting to keep him until the summer, just, but another contract? Really? Serious question which I'd be grateful if you answered honestly - If, in the summer, we signed a striker of pope's age and record (both in terms of goals and overall contribution) over the last 24 months, would you be happy? I personally think there'd be marches in the streets of Burslem and possible lynchings
  18. I'd steer clear of anybody pope recommended. Remember kay and lainton?
  19. I don't know who will be appointed as the new manager, but I do know what I want in our next appointment : 1. An appointment that is made with a promise that he will be given time. 2. A manager who gives youth a chance. 3. A manager with a structured and positive recruitment policy that seeks to pick up youngsters released by PL and championship academies each year. 4. A promise that the transfer policy is administered by the manager only. 5. A manager who has the intelligence to quickly realise that the likes of Joyce, legge and pope are limited in ability and not players to build the te
  20. I'm beginning to think that Pope has surreptitiously enlisted the services of David blaine, given how many appear to be under the illusion that he still scores goals and wins headers
  21. You know things are bad when: 1. Tom pope is still your go-to option to change things; 2. Luke joyce is the first name on the team sheet week in week out 3. Zack mills and Danny Whitehead are awarded contracts as professional footballers
  22. I think expectations need to be managed for this window. Getting rid of the likes of Robinson and mckirdy wouldn't free up that much, I suspect, in terms of budget. Of our entire squad, 5-6 players are, I think, taking up around half of our playing budget in terms of wages (based on a conservative estimate of 2.5k per week each). They are pope, Joyce, brown, smith, legge and Worrall. Of those, I would argue that only 2 are actually positively contributing to any notable degree on the pitch, viz brown and Worrall. Unless any of those 6 leave this window, it will be a case of like for like, by
  23. On your logic rob pope is by far the least efficient of our strikers then?
  24. Halleys comet comes around every 75 years but you don't sit in the garden looking at the night sky in hope for 74 years. We have such backward looking fans at times. Rodney has more goals than pope, more assists than pope (the self styled best hold up striker in the league), more pace than pope, more mobility than pope and I've little doubt has more successful 'hold ups' than pope this season. Yet people are still picking pope! I just don't get it, at all.
  25. Well that was awful. Brown, Mills, Joyce, Whitehead and pope all a waste of a wage at the moment. All should be released at the end of their contracts. Fitzpatrick not far behind. The way we're going now, I'd stick with rodney in the middle to bring him on. Same with Hurst. Amoo to play whenever fit. Aside from those 3, I wouldn't be fussed if the others never played for us again.
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