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  1. Radio Stoke not too worried what vale fans think anyway. Extract from their programme earlier today. 20 Mar 2021 radio stoke.mp4
  2. Wouldn’t have thought so, Smurf didn’t know his arse from his elbow unless it was his plan to screw any new owners financially by keeping the ground. Fortunately the new owners have gone the extra mile or two.
  3. Dire game. Couldn’t see any game plan at all. Just limping it up to two strikers neither of who can head a ball, or even jump in most cases. I seriously hope this isn’t what we will be expected to watch.
  4. Yes, it was an overhead kick, not the prettiest but it hit the net right in front of me. My first and only experience of Old Trafford. How I wish it could be in a league match one day.
  5. I’m only 65 but am full of arthritis and have a false knee, but I too could skin him and get a decent ball into the box.
  6. I’m genuinely intrigued, if a player (or players) are the issue and JA along with Carol are aware of it, then why are they in the side? Clearly they aren’t carrying us along to victory each week so just drop them. If they aren’t playing then you can’t blame them for the results. .????
  7. Question, why do Smith and Legge go from being a reliable centre pairing for a while now and turn into two players that look like novices? Answer. Mills and Fitzpatrick. they are trying to plug holes left by inept fullbacks and it’s inviting opponents to push on knowing we will leave massive gaps.
  8. If I’m honest even at two up we were not in total control. They always looked capable of scoring and both Crookes and Clark were struggling, maybe not because they were having an off day but because they couldn’t handle their respective opponents. Another puzzler was putting Oyeleke up front. Not known for chasing lost causes but he tried. I thought he would go into the middle and release a bure mobile runner to hold on to it up top.
  9. Hoof ball never been good for us but if you are going to do it at least have two up top with some pace. Absolutely pointless doing this with Pope as he just doesn’t play that way. A sign of poor coaching? or are players not doing as instructed?
  10. I agree that he got across well but surely the last place you hit a penalty is 3ft high to the keepers side. He’s got a 50-50 chance of reaching it if he goes the right way. If Popey had scored, and Rodney not missed the sitter then maybe their lad would have scored from Legge’s awful back pass and a point would have been stolen. on reflection of play a win by one goal margin was the least Carlisle deserved.
  11. The match stats show 3 interception by us and 25 by them. A combination of poor passing by us and them being a lot sharper. Our midfield seemed all too easy to get past with little effort to tackle.
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