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  1. Agreed but I worry that we’ve become a side with only one creative midfielder. When Conklin comes back he’ll be marked out of the game as opponent know that he’s the creator of chances
  2. Five points adrift of the play offs and two of the teams above us have a game in hand. If the squander them like we have then it’s still a tall order when we are only creating one or two ‘on target’ chances in 90 minutes.
  3. Walsall came to press us and unsettle us, I felt that the guys playing out of their customary positions were exposed as they they were pressed quickly by Walsall. Why do we put goal kicks high to the left side of the pitch? To Politic, Conlon and Gibbons??? This also compacts the play, we’ve got a wide pitch so let’s use it. Worrall never got started because we sat too deep, I was hoping half time would see A return to back 4 with gibbo at right back and Benning at left, allowing Worrall to get up the pitch, Amoo was pretty anonymous all game as was Rodney. No one came out of it with any credit. Hardest job of the night was picking a man of the match.
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