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  1. there is a bucket collection happening at the crawley game so make sure you let everyone know. 7500 raised in 6 days is amazing it averages out at about £35 a donation if we can carry on like that it would be amazing
  2. I think it would be a great idea to put them on general sale on the Saturday at the Cheltenham game and fans who have brought tickets for that game get first chance at the general sale tickets
  3. hes been brilliant and we really do need to get him on a permanent deal, many years ago the fans helped and raised money to sign a certain Darren beckford couldn't we start a fund to help put towards players again
  4. Grimsby showed all our weaknesses from last season a big week for askey and kevan to get us back firing on all cylinders, I never expected us to win every single game but I didn't see a result like that coming after the start we'd made.
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