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  1. Errrrmmm...is it my laptop or is Theo blowing a bit????? Christ that was like a training game for them. The funny thing is they think they are Barcelona the way they are playing but still making so many mistakes we are not feeding off. Think Dan's plan is penos.......
  2. OH NO....why have we signed him???? What a waste of money!!!! How many goals are we guaranteed he'll score? How much is he getting paid? Does he like Danny Pugh? Can't believe it.......................... Oh sorry......just pressed the fast forward button!! Welcome back Jake, a great signing who will hopefully go onto greater things either here or at a higher level. Shades of a Ray Walker signing for me......here's hoping! UTV
  3. Oh no......you'll be labelled a "happy clapper"...you do realise, don't you? You'll put up with anything, you will...haven't you got any pride????😂😂😎
  4. Yeah but the way it had been going I just felt we were inviting them onto us..one cock up in defence, and there's been a few recently, and they have a sniff back in.....didn't happen, I know, but....just made me wonder.
  5. Not a "happy clapper" I hope Vah?????????? 😂 My thoughts reflect a lot of the other sensible ones on here. Thought it was a good solid performance, well worth the 3 points....Grimsby were poor but as others have said we've lost these type of games recently. At least, as I said at half time, the players looked like they wanted to play. One thing I didn't get and hope the "managers" on here can help educate me is; I spotted Rodders was struggling during the first half and it was no surprise when he went off at half time....but why was Burgess brought on? For me we then allowed them the ball too much because Popey became more and more isolated and I was getting a bit worried until that brilliant pass from Burgess sent Wozza through and at 3-0 I could breathe easy. What are people's thoughts about why he didn't go with Theo up front with Popey? i have heard that it shored up the overrun midfield but I didn't think we were being overrun and I even thought it led to relinquishing the grip on the game a little. i await my coaching lessons......... A happier, not clappy, Vale fan.........FWIW I like the way Pugh has been under the radar as well this week and he has just got on and done the job. I think many of us underestimate his pro career so far so apart from "managerial" experience he is a very experienced professional footballer. I AM NOT ADVOCATING GETTING HIM TO SIGN A CONTRACT TODAY, as some numpty on Faceache did, but he quietly intrigues me as a manager and I just wonder....anyway, we'll see and I'll support/back whoever gets the gig. UTV
  6. Having said that Monty's defending keeps giving me kittens......
  7. Very similar thoughts to mine. At least we look like we want to play. I think Pugh/Sinclair will have sterner tests especially away from home.....BUT a good solid 7/10 first half.
  8. Gor blimey Governor....you were lucky then...you could have copped a Blighty one.....Keep yer bleeding head down Son!
  9. Snap....when he signed I actually thought that he was a good piece of business. Little did I know he would perform like he has in his last couple of games where he has looked sooooo bad it has been embarrassing. Eeeee, it's a funny game football!
  10. Wouldn't want him anywhere near the place tbh......thought I'd lob that hand grenade in though!
  11. Joey Barton just gone from Fleetwood....just sayin......😂😂 (Only joking btw!)
  12. That is a great picture.......my Owd Fellah used to tell me Real Madrid copied that white kit.....I was 15/16 before I realised he was having me on.....😂.......happy days stood on either the Bycars or Hamil depending which way we were kicking.
  13. 100% this.....something I've never been able to get my head round is why as a pro in any sport, you would not go on that pitch and work your b***ocks off! It's your job, your trade...if you're not good enough, fair enough but to not work as hard as possible on the pitch.......what is that all about? On Saturday I also felt they didn't know what they were supposed to be doing as regards a game plan. Conceding after milli seconds didn't help but that's where leadership comes in.....right, get your heads up, work harder for the next 15 /20 minutes to steady the ship and then we'll see where we are. That lot on Saturday puffed out their cheeks and thought "Here we go again...how long left Ref?" Abject surrender......but WHY?
  14. I don't know if I've missed this but Nobby Horton has just tweeted RIP Clinton......it seems Clinton Boulton has passed away. I don't know the details but if true just puts a bloody tin hat on today/this season/this year.
  15. I watched my first game in 1964 so I've seen some rubbish and poor commitment amongst some of the good stuff. That today was amongst the lowest, bearing in mind what has been going on for the last few weeks. I was prepared to let the "blip" of 5 defeats on the spin go because at this level that does sometimes happen. I hoped after Bolton it would be turned it round but the performances have become worse week after week. For me this is a sure sign that the manager is a dead man walking. Not one of those players today looked: a) as if they wanted to be there and b) knew what they were doing. It was completely sickening watching that "performance" and this slide is alarming now in its nearness to the relegation dogfight. I know it is only January but it looks unstoppable at the moment. I hope he'll do an Aspo and walk but don't think he will....he simply has to go Carol......please.
  16. Whoooosh.....think that has gone over some people's heads Joe!
  17. That's it I'm out....turning it off.....absolutely clueless.
  18. Being an exile I've got a fooking season pass otherwise I wouldn't be bothering.....Jaysus, I feel sick to death of watching this. i thought there was reason for that display at Bradford but this........aaaarrrrgggghhh!
  19. Just no words...how can we have come to this? We look disorganised, disheartened and bloody clueless. Why do Mansfield look like Barcelona against us. We have the look and smell of relegation fodder....I just can't believe it.
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