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  1. Bonjour mes 'appy clappers.......have I missed anything????? I dreamt we actually scored 2 goals and won a game last night.......oh, wait..... First half was excellent wanner it? They came out strong and we were on the ropes but as everyone has pointed out DC rang the changes and we gradually got a toe hold back in the game and up popped Rodders. There was a steely determination about us last night that hasn't been there for a while...without jinxing it I'd say we may be safe - ish now especially with the way we played. Here's looking forward a bit more to Satdee and Colchester.....2 on the spin???? Keep clapping happy til the end of this God forsaken season and then "Let's Go next season"....... Gawwwwaaaaaarn the Vale.........
  2. That's the best we've played since.....conner remember but oh so frustrating. i feel more like "happy clapping" after that than the last 3 weeks. Theo Rbinson is bleeding awful, mind you Manny didn't do himself any favours in his little cameo either.
  3. Conner beat a bit of gallows humour.......good on yer Sam.....made me proper chuckle amongst all the stuff on here! Ta
  4. Well I'm usually a half glass full type but we are dead in the water...we look like relegation fodder on every level. I cannot see how we stay up even though I'm trying to!
  5. This has got 5 written all over it.......have we passed to a Vale shirt yet?
  6. Here we go again....why do i keep putting my hand in the fire every week? I know it's going to get burned but I keep doing it.......I know I'll be seriously pi$$ed off come 5 again.....oh well, it's in the blood I suppose. COME ON VALE!
  7. I dunner feel mad or pi$$ed off........I just feel sad that we have come to this. Danny Whitehead is Dick Turpin.....he's robbing a wage....but at least Dick Turpin wore a mask. Brisley turned and looked at the lad who scored yet got nowhere near him. 3-0 Salford now....they are a bunch of cocky overpaid twots but they are streets ahead of us at times. We've huffed and puffed and closed down but you watch us blow up now especially as we've already had to use 2 subs. Another night of agony and frustration....it's the hoep that kills yer they say....and they're right.
  8. I've got that feeling of "feck it" you get when you are pi$$ed and don't care........if this team works then DC is a genius......
  9. Tuesday night just got a bit gruesome......this has got all the makings of a car crash! Vale 3-0 then.......you've got to larff haven't you?
  10. Eeeeeee.....remembering him doing that job on Kinkzalde of Citeh a few times. Rudgey told the tale about how at half time Kinkzalde went for a pee and when he turned round Andy was stood right behind him! A few Citeh mates of mine would say "F@£$in hate Andy Porter"....which always made me laugh out loud.
  11. Wanner a classic was it? I'll take that point though tbh cos once they scored we looked a bit wobbly. There's going to be no magic button for Clarkey is there? I've been saying for weeks they are still the same players, whoever took over, so it's going to be a long hard road until we're sorted. What was up with Conlon today, worst game I've seen him play for a while....wrong options, poor passes....strange. Still onto Tuesday........ See Tyler's been on the "Happy Pills" again.......😂
  12. I didn't know Charlie, Elder, but it did what you say for me! He must have been some bloke that is for sure judging by what everyone on here has posted about him and then watching that....gulp! Just summat in me eye......honest! Well done Carol and Vale as well as all the fans. RIP Charlie
  13. I've just been reading back through these posts and suddenly had a feeling of nostalgia.....most of us posters must be of around the same vintage....wouldn't it have been great to have been in a pub in Boslem, having a couple of beers and reminiscing like this. It would undoubtedly have got louder and louder as everyone laughed and told these stories remembering these days. If only......
  14. Brilliantly put ....says my thoughts exactly. Thank you.
  15. Somebody last nigh reminded me of that great song sung to the tune of "I was born under a wandering star"....."goals are made for scoring, Jamo is our king".......sigh!
  16. Was that when the crowd was about 19,000? For a 4th Division game.....
  17. Ahhh a great night.....eventually against stubborn non League Wigan as they were then. Wasn't it in extra time with an overhead kick.?...Or am I romanticising it a bit. I'd had the day off school, ill but was desperate to go with my Dad. I remember him having words with Mother along the lines of...."but it's Old Trafford and we've got tickets!" The deal was struck that if I went I had to go school the next day......and lo and behold I had to go even though I was not well....hard but fair me Mum!
  18. Made me smile that cos me and my cousin used to say bet he'll be the first one get his shirt dirty and he usually was....throwing himself at everybody and everything with that mop of hair bouncing around everywhere.
  19. I've just seen where Jamo has passed away.........OMG another of my boyhood heroes gone.....Sleeves over his hands chasing everything and throwing himself into diving headers on a muddy VP......RIP Jesse!
  20. I'm genuinely excited by today's news but I have this nagging feeling in me water.......we've still got the same players to choose from! From what I've seen an electric cattle prod attached to each of them would be needed to get the energy levels up to required speed. There can't be massive tactical/personnel changes made in the near future so how we will "up the ante" over the next few weeks I'm not sure. Anyrode, here's hoping and I'm looking forward to Satdee with a bit more enthusiasm than I was at 4.50 last Satdee that's for sure.....On the Vale!
  21. Just watched that interview on Youtube and I was impressed......he has to come up with the goods now, though. Thought he spoke sensibly and with passion and it will be interesting to see how he goes. Welcome and good luck David!
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