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  1. 2 hours ago, RailwayRowdy said:

    Going through some old stuff and came across this programme. The shivers are still running down my spine 44 years later! 

    This is a topic for only people who were alive when Job was a lad, but how on earth did we lose the tie and ultimately our first "silverware"? 

    Please put away any sharp implements now! 



    Ouch....Cheers for that Rowd! Nurse....sedation needed again here.....

  2. 4 minutes ago, Essex Vale said:

    That is one of those games that will live in the memory of every Vale fan who was there.  The next game was at Maine Road where we beat Man City 1-0.  Can you imagine it! 

    I was in the Directors Box for that at Maine Road as a guest of a parent of a kid I taught. Thought it was not right to celebrate too much when we scored....🤔 .....You can imagine the smug feeling after the game having"tea"! Actually spent some time talking with Ray Ransom who was very complimentary about the Vale. They all thought Goober was an animal as he had marked Kinkzlade out of the game.....when I say marked.....you get the general idea. Heady days indeed!

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  3. Just burst out laughing at this......reading The Sunday Times online and came across this in an article about Danny Mills and the lessons from a life in sport. 

    The question was My least favourite ground:

    "Vale Park, where Norwich lost 6-1 in 1996. It was open, it was huge, it was awful. Next day’s papers called us Teletubbies. "

    Remember it well and so does Dany apparently.

    Vale Park, where Norwich lost 6-1 in 1996. It was open, it was huge, it was awful. Next day’s papers called us Teletubbies. 

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  4. On 23/04/2021 at 16:27, Doha said:

    Nice one pal. I know there's a stipulation that an adult ticket holder has to accompany the kids on the JV scheme but the reason those kids are on the FSM list on the first place is because there isn't much spare funding knocking about at home, certainly not for 23 x £20 adult tickets, so I'm sure Carol could make an exception and have foundation staff accompany the kids at home games, there's over 40 foundation staff apparently so I'm sure someone would be happy to sort it out and have the kids make a day of it. 

    If there's any kids that miss out, I don't know how many are on the scheme and how many would want to come every week, perhaps OVF or the supporters club could arrange a gofundme where people could emulate your generosity and chuck a few quid towards funding more junior valiant memberships? 

    Particularly with those shltbags down the road handing out free kits etc to local primary schools, it's really important we do everything we can to indoctrinate as many new fans as possible into a lifetime of suffering Vale. 

    I'm happy to chuck £50 in to get 5 kids ST's if/when it gets up and running. Someone publish it on here when it gets sorted?

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  5. 39 minutes ago, mbycars said:

    If i remember right the bottom four clubs in Division  4 had to apply for re-election to the league. All league clubs had a vote. Teams like Barrow and Workington struggled for votes because of their location. Crewe had to apply several times but because of their location and how easy it was to get there they always got back in.

    There was that horrible year when due to "financial irregularities" in 1968 we had to seek re-election. I was 10 and fearful that we might get kicked out.....still sends shivers....😳

  6. Having gone to bed last night with a really good, warm feeling......just the result, I promise, my reflections this morning are these.

    That was one of the best wins of this run. Bear with me; - short on class but so big on heart and grit and determination not to be pushed, shoved and intimidated by one of the worst alehouse performances I've seen all season and I've watched every game. That display last night was reminiscent of promotion winning teams......wouldn't take <ovf censored> from anybody and found a way to win comfortably.

    I was one of the people who thought it didn't matter whoever we got in to manage we still had this bunch of players. However, what DC has done with them is incredible and if he can do this with this squad JUST WHAT is he capable of when he brings in who he wants in the summer? A couple of strikers who know where the net is, a couple of attacking, skilful midfielders, another holding mid to perhaps share the load with Joycey. (I'm with Chris Birchall on this....Joycey is SO underrated and maligned on here. I see mistakes but I see a good pro going about his job quietly every week. Next season he may need more resting but......in DC we trust!) I also think there has to be some competition for Leggey and Brizz but how they have turned it round!!!!! (Leggey's defensive heading and mastery of "superstar" Quigley were awesome, again, last night.) Brizz and Smiffy make up a horrible trio keeping clean sheets for fun and what about Smiffy's attacking wanders the last few weeks....Der Madeley Kaiser?

    Last night would have been so easy to switch off and just coast and that would have been horrible against that Dog and Duck XI so to see them get stuck in like that was uplifting.

    I know, I know.......the excitement is building again.....must keep a lid on it etc.....BUT I was massively impressed with last nights performance and the general aura about the place from top down.

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  7. What an utter shower of twots they were.....horrible, horrible "football" team. Well done Vale for totally bossing them and not lying down.

    I've given Scott Quigley a little reminder on twitter about his "classy" tweet after they won at VP. Christ, I'd liek to see us put 6 past that pub team next season at home.

  8. 1 hour ago, toyahw said:

    Like Clinton, I've had it from the get go. Living abroad I wouldn't be going anyway, so it's extra income for the club and lets us get to see the games, It has it's moments, but generally it's good. Pity they removed those goal and card symbols so you could easily go back and watch the incidents again. A sort of do it yourself replay facility. It didn't have replays for the first few seasons.

    I don't really think it would affect attendances much. You don't get the crack of being actually at the game. If I lived in Stoke I'd be there. 

    Also quite interesting how sometimes the commentary does  not seem to reflect the game you are actually watching.

    Also wonder why RS don't have it, for looking at replays for games they are at. Are they to mean to pay a tenner, or is there no WiFi? (Must be because MB does his live blog).

    Same....if I was in the UK I'd be at VP and away games.......if the Mamsahib allowed it, of course! 

    Interesting Toyahw, your thoughts are very similar to mine. In fact, I often say to the Missus...."Are they watching the same game as me? That was for a foul on Gibbo or whatever...."

    Anyrode......I'll be on it tonight...lets hope for 3 points although I wonder how these changes will affect the run!


  9. I'm an exiled Valiant and I've had a season ticket with iFollow since its inception. The opening season it had no commentary and I quite liked it but it has grown and matured and I couldn't be without it.

    There is a form of checking if you are overseas or not based on ip addresses I think? If I have inadvertently left my VPN on I cannot access the game, (until this year, that is). when I think of the years I have lived abroad, 15, and following Vale on BBC text.....iFollow is a Godsend and I still feel like a proper supporter......especially when I come on here and can comment on what I've seen.

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  10. Haven't been through the whole thread so dont know if this has been said but......that was a PROPER win. They were no mugs. We battled and grafted, kept our shape and that ball in for Smudgers goal from TC......Jeez, been a Brazilian doing that and everyone would have been in awe. I loved Clarkey's fist pump and yell at the end. Things are looking up Ladies and Gentlemen....are we ready for take off over the next few years? I hope so.....but it is Vale I support!

    Well done Lads brilliant!

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  11. 1 hour ago, Birches Head Fred said:

    Not sure but I think I watched a different game than most. Don't understand this idea that it was a poor first half, it was obvious from minute one that the wind was going to be the deciding factor in this game and the winners would be the team that coped with it best.

    Their sole tactic was pretty easy to defend I thought and although Brown had a few saves to make, I didn't think he had to do anything more than what you would expect of him. Offensively, yes we struggled but as the away team that was to be expected, especially with the conditions.

    At half time I was quietly confident that we would use the wind to our advantage and be more adventurous. Cracking first goal and you have to admire their defender for trying to call offside.

    Can't fault any of the players and it was nice to see Guthrie finally score, it matters not what we think or say on here, the manager sees the players in training and picks the team, if he has faith in them I don't understand why we can't.

    This is exactly the type of win that makes all the difference if we are looking to get promotion, a hard faught battling performance with some quality thrown in. Each player doing their job and playing for teach other and certainly carrying out the managers plan.

    A good £10.00 worth (Thanks Matt), can't pick a man of he match so I will pick a woman, well done ref - 10/10. 



    Same...that is all.

  12. 17 hours ago, Properman said:

    You never saw the full backs I  watched, Colin Tartt ambition was to clear every ground in the league. But gave his all.

    Used to love watching Tarty go on the rampage......you never knew how it might end apart from the fact it probably wasn't going to be in the stadium! God forbid any opposition who got between him and the ball. Didn't he start off in midfield and got converted to full back by someone...can't remember who?

    Goooooaaarrrrrn Tarty!

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