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  1. 13 minutes ago, Beech said:


    We did. But the others players knew they had to up the effort to stay in the game. And I think Walsall felt well enough in control to be content with what they had.

    Walsall simply wanted it more than us, and that's the sickener. Why is that? Why weren't we enraged at what happened on Saturday - The players should have been chomping at the bit and raring to go from 5pm on Saturday. But we came out like kittens and completely allowed them to give us a collective reach around.

    I've said before and will so again, and I couldn't give a <ovf censored> if not one single person agrees. But along with the obvious problem, for me we're too lightweight in midfield. We'll get away with it some games, but Conlon, Pett and Garrity have little to no physical presence between them. They look great when we're on top in games, but when we have to battle they are going to be found wanting more often than not. Absolutely nothing to do with a lack of effort, just a lack of size. For me, we need Walker in front of the defence and then we can choose Conlon and then the other from Pett, Garrity and Taylor in a 4-3-3.

    I love Clarke, but if he picks the same formation on Saturday at home to Hartlepool he needs sectioning.

    The start of your second paragraph is absolutely on the money! They did want it more and that was inexplicable after Saturday. They should have been tearing the walls down in the changing room having built up a head of steam since 5.00pm Saturday. We came out and lay down and had our bellies tickled.....after 15 minutes it was obvious there was only going to be one winner. We had no stomach for the fight and looked like we thought we were better than this lot , just play. You have to fight and battle to earn that right to play your football and we were not interested. Add to that the lack of all the bog standard basics like passing and controlling and we were always on a loser.

    At least Clarkey saw the same and he will get a reaction....we hope!

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  2. To quote the fantastic Willie John McBride...."How many dead?"

    We lost an awful game of football and Clarkey will be hurting more than us you can be sure of that. Move on.

    Everything we touched/tried turned to <ovf censored> I'm afraid.

    Roll on Satdee.....I'm having another glass of red....did I say glass? I meant bottle......no sleep tonight! Ta Vale.....

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  3. I read the Times online and have just re-read the article it is fantastic BUT I've then read the 31 comments afterwards.....they make fantastic reading as well! People saying what a normal top bloke, they'll now be following the Vale's results, Good Luck to him, wish premier managers were like him......very, very uplifting......got a bit of a glow on this morning ready for the game!

    Come onnnnnnnn Vale!

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  4. Two brilliant articles that reflect so well on what the Club is.....a proper Football Club. I loved it when DC said "they're proper fans here'.....

    I'm just excited and proud to see what the Club has become since those dark, dark days of Norm with what looked like no way out.....I just hope we put on a show tomorrow and get three points. (Tbh 1-0, last minute would do!)

    Gooooaarrrrrnnnn Vale!

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  5. 1 hour ago, knapperm said:

    It was definitely Hartlepool around 1970-72, the funniest part was after bombarding the goalkeeper who went further away, a policeman came across the pitch towards the supporters and as he got to the penalty spot he got the sameemoji23.pngemoji23.pngemoji23.png

    Yesssss....I remember that!! Halifax, Hartlepool I knew it started with H...😗  I remember the bobby walking towards the Hamil with his arms outstreched looking like "Come on, Lads, behave" only to beat a hasty retreat as he got bombarded accompanied to much laughing and cheering from the Paddock...Happy Days!

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  6. 5 minutes ago, CambridgeDon said:

    There was one famous occasion when the Vale fans trooped round to the Hamil End for the second half when it was covered in snow and gave the opposition goalie a nice wave as he reached his goal area. As soon as he faced the play a hail of snow balls cascaded down from the heights of the Hamil and covered him in snow. He wasn't amused but it was pretty funny at the time.

    Wouldn't happen today though, we'd probably get reported and fined.

    The good old days.

    I was there for that but on the Railway Paddock.....Funniest thing I'd ever seen at a proper football match as a young un ....in my mind I think it was v Halifax, don't know why though! Sure one of us Owd Gits on here can remember properly?

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  7. Well, I've not read all the thread but for me I've LOVED that half! We were awful, not managed a shot on goal, absolutely outplayed and we looked like we hadn't won for 12 games....then Boom! One chance and an absolute belter of a goal and we're 1-0 up!

    How many times have we have had that happen to us at VP?

    That first half had promotion all over it BUT we now have to go on and complete the win!

    And change the keeper????? What a penno save....

  8. Well it's all pretty pretty football but we haven't created a chance yet. It looks like a training game.....of chess. We need to up the pace and get midfield breaking past the forwards and I know that may leave us exposed at times but we have to do summat because we look a bit lethargic/lightweight.

    They look a good side BUT we haven't gone for them in any shape or form.

    Come on Vale or else this is looking a bit ominous!

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  9. What a horrible team to play against and their "celebration" was horrific and could have caused a major problem. Thought we got bullied out of our stride today but don't understand taking Procter off unless he's got a knock. defensively we always looked like struggling against their up and under approach.

    I don't normally comment on refs because you know what to sort of expect in this League but this bloke today was very, very poor. At times he looked completely out of his depth and some of the decisions which inevitably led to them winning were "questionable", shall we say?

    Oh well....move on......their bubble will burst eventually and I'm already looking forward to them coming the Vale.

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  10. Calm down...never in doubt....what's up with thee?




    Jeezus wept what a finish....what a scummy team they are and as for that ****** lampost up front for them...thank God we didn't buy him! 

    Should have been 3 up at half-time...looked like losing it and then bosh....have that!

    We love you Vale, we do, we love you Vale........

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  11. 29 minutes ago, Conrad said:

    Smudge needed 10 stitches in his head after the game, tough as owd boots that man.

    Smiffy went home with a badly bruised leg.......will the owner please contact Port Vale FC......

    Was that when he headed that bloke's boot in the last minute? He's a reet warrior Smiffy...I love him!

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  12. 34 minutes ago, Joe B said:

    I've never known a more nailed on Vale loss than this in years. Bang in form against a struggling side.

    We're too excited/optimistic.

    Prepare yourselves now folks. We've been hurt too many times before. 

    Theyt becoming a "proper Old Skool Valeite", Joe.........good on yer! 🤣😂

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  13. 7 minutes ago, Rocky said:

    I think if people listened to him on Ale and the Vale podcast they would change their opinion of him. Also commentary is very, very difficult and I genuinely admire his ability to pick out players in a busy area when he doesn't have the luxury of monitors and equipment to aid him. Sometimes he makes mistakes but he isn't a robot.

    I actually like that we have him doing commentary on our games and he won't please everyone but as he has said, don't make it personal. If you have criticism, make it constructive.

    Yeah think I'm in your court Rocky. I QUITE like listening to him because he is a die hard Vale fan. I sometimes think it is like sitting in the Railway paddock and some random bloke is giving a running commentary. My major criticism that I frequently say out loud to the Missus is...watch the game. His art is should be about relaying the action on the pitch....he will frequently miss an incident or name the wrong player because he is talking about something else. There was a classic last Saturday when their lad took a foul throw and he was chatting away and completely missed it until Yatesy said that's the worst foul throw I've seen in pro football.....He needs to watch the action but I think your point about monitors, replays etc is a good one SO he needs to concentrate more on what is going on in front of him.

    On a separate note i wish iFollow would rein in on their replays....we don't need to see how the corner was won if it has been taken quickly and we leave the action with the cross coming in!!!! That happened a lot on Saturday.

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  14. 43 minutes ago, Birches Head Fred said:

    There has been plenty of negativity regarding recent results, none moreso than last Saturdays defeat at the hands of Rochdale and players underperforming.

    The funny thing from my point of view is that I came away from that game happier and in a much better frame of mind than the previous home game against Carlisle.

    I thought Carlisle used delaying tactics, feigned injury and generally did anything they could to stifle the game, aided by a ref who simply allowed them to get away with it. Converesly, Rochdale came to make a game of it, played some good football, didn't park-the-bus, neither did they sit back and hold out for a draw after our seond equaliser.

    Fans go to matches to be entertained, I realise it's business and people's lives/wages depend on results but the game just isn't the same anymore. To be honest I'd rather watch us play Rochdale and lose than Carlisle and draw - daft as it may sound but the way I saw it the game could have gone either way after the Vale scored their second and at least I was entertained with the fare on offer.

    Don't get me wrong - I want Vale to win every game, but I'm old enough and wise enough to know different, there's plenty of times I've come home from a game we have won thinking it was a poor game, and plenty of times we've drawn nil-nil and it's been a cracker. 

    It's all too easy to criticise players when we concede, the opposition fans do likewise when we score, but it's rare to actually accept that other teams score well worked, good goals'.

    It's the same with players, wer'e 4th division but some folk seem to think these players should be World beaters, they play for the Vale and other clubs in our division because that's the level they are at.

    We don't seem to give them any leeway at all. 

    On a slightly different plane, I went to the Fanzone on Saturday for the first time, it's a great idea and full credit goes to the club for putting it on. Long may it continue, although I don't see how it will go on on a cold night in December.

    Just my opinion - as usual


    Yep.....wot you said Fred! Still HATE it and it hurts when we lose but am old enough and supported this lot long enough to know we are not going to win every game.....whatever your expectations are as REAL Vale fans not "happy clappers"!!!

    I think we will click and somebody will get a pasting at some stage....don't know when obviously. I also enjoyed the discipline of the win at FGR....that entertained me in a different way.

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