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  1. Thanks Rob, it's been a while [emoji1].
  2. Yeh, we are all good thanks Stu, hope you are keeping well? Looking forward to more from the podcast and will be more than happy to have a bit of interaction. Although I don't do Twitter, so will have to find an alternative way [emoji4]
  3. After many years away from OVF, the podcast has inspired me to get back on the forum. When I first heard about it (from Bezza in a messenger group i’m A member of, I wasn’t enthusiastic. I have to admit I was expecting it to be a bit cringy and amateurish. How wrong I was. I listened to the Carol episode first, and am currently binge listening to the other episodes. The three of you bounce off each other really well, and it’s great to have in-depth discussion in minute detail about my club, which even in the local press doesn’t get in depth coverage. The guests have all been great and i
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