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  1. Why does supporting a fair and just asylum system equate to supporting criminal activity and people trafficking? The two are completely separate entities. Hopefully an asylum system that is fit for purpose would weed out those seeking to exploit the system for criminal gain. If it didn't and some slip through the net, then they should be brought to justice for their crimes and deported. You can't simply do away with asylum and immigration on the premise that a percentage of those coming in would commit criminal activity. Of course finding those who break the law and bringing them to justice w
  2. You are wasting your time I'm afraid TheSage. Since Thatcher's days, Tory Britain has bred a unique brand of self interest into our society. The "I'm alright Jack" mentality.... and if "I'm not alright Jack" it must be the fault of the illegal immigrants, black lives matter, the gays, bloody trans weirdos, the poles, Romanian beggars etc etc. Funnily enough its never the fault of the greedy, Eton educated, tax dodging multi millionaire cabinet ministers making laws that fill their own pockets while harming the interests of the nation as a whole. Because if the Daily Mail tells us to vote for t
  3. Regal Beagle - The answer is to use the system we already have. These people are asylum seekers. We process them through the asylum system. If they are deemed to be genuine they stay, if they are deemed not to be genuine they are deported to their country of origin. It's always worked that way, why should now be any different?
  4. I didn't manage to see it last night, but was that the one where Lee Mills equalised late on?
  5. Another good topic to try and get the inside story on, would be the whole Paul Wildes episode. Him and Norman seemed such an odd couple, how did it come about, what was the relationship dynamic, where did it all go wrong, and was Wildes departure the beginning of Norma's descent into madness?
  6. Not a good time to become a Vale fan [emoji1]. I was lucky enough to start going in the early 80's so got all the glory years in my teens and early 20's.
  7. I always liked Bradley Sandman. He was a good wing back, but he suffered from the fact that he followed Simon Simon.
  8. I'm very much like that, I am still leaning towards hating it though [emoji38]
  9. The uproar over the migrants arriving in their inflatable rafts makes me absolutely piss myself. I'm sure I'd be labelled a naive loony lefty for the fact that I feel desperately sorry for anybody whose life has become so terrible that they are willing to risk travelling across the chanell, clinging to their kids in an overcrowded dinghy. But Christ I can't help chuckle over the irony that those busting a blood vessel in anger, really thought that Brexit would put a stop to it all. In reality, it's just pissed the French off so much that they aren't going to cooperate in any way whatsoever. In
  10. I remember being behind the goal at the Kids grove Athletic friendly watching the keepers warm up and being staggered that the goalkeeping coach didn't speak a word of English. I remember him trying to communicate entirely by gestures and sign language. With Jak Alnwick visibly frustrated and (I think it was) Ryan Boot looking utterly bemused. The writing was on the wall from early doors, but at times in that early part of the season (Wigan and Scunthorpe if I remember rightly) we looked like we could be unplayable going forward.
  11. As well as delving deeper into the Aspin era and the unprofessionalism quoted by Askey at the time he took over, other interesting topics from the past would be... Sinnott ... Was he deliberately undermined by Glover, was he given enough time? Or was he just out of his depth. Similarly Bruno.... Why the sudden drop off after a promising start? Was Brown involved in that to further his own opportunities. Page, Norman and Exeter in the cup. Was he really going to get sacked live on TV? Norman addressing fans on the coach after the game etc. Should Smurf have been sectioned for his own wellbei
  12. Nurses and Teachers don't. Private hospitals and schools are free to pay their staff more than they get in the public sector
  13. That is an absolute f***ing abomination. I think I'd have preferred Robbie's face or initials plastered all over it, ahead of that monstrosity
  14. https://www.port-vale.co.uk/news/2020/august/squad-salary-caps-introduced-in-league-one-and-league-two/ Just when we get owners who seem to understand running a football club, and income generation the rest of them vote for a salary cap. I suppose the upside is we also seem to have a relatively astute manager who doesn't go splashing the cash on big name players. I don't know whether this will be good or bad for us to be honest.
  15. I've got a feeling of impending doom. The combination of "different" and "Robbie Williams" fills me with dread.
  16. I think Miller and Hannant were probably at the centre of it.
  17. I think Pope's Twitter activity hasn't endeared him to Askey, I can see him having limited game time this season before moving on. A marquee signing of another striker would only accelerate the end I think.
  18. Another great Pod lads, enjoyed that. You lot obviously see something in Amoo that I don't. Maybe I've just missed his good games [emoji4]. I think he flatters to deceive and while I take your point that if he was consistent he wouldn't be in league 2, I would still expect a bit more from him than we are getting. One good game in every 3 or 4 isn't good enough in my honest opinion. Give me Jeno over him anyday of the week. Talk of Adam Le Fondre at the end there, if Vale are going to splash some big money on a "name" at this level, why not go after Brett Pitman. He's still got a couple of ye
  19. Spot on. Let's Judge the lad on what he does on the pitch. It says a lot to me that West Ham and Wigan have both signed him out of non league. They must have seen something in him. Ok he didn't cut it at that level, but he has proven twice he is better than non league level. Askey knows what he can do, and Macc plainly love him as the keep going back in for him. That is probably largely because of what Askey got out of him in their promotion year. Personally I trust a manager who has turned us from relegation fodder to promotion material in 12 months.
  20. Midfield Luke Joyce - Solid Emmanuel Oyeleke - Sicknote Tom Conlon - Everywhere Scott Burgess - Potential Daniel Trickett-Smith - Norman's Alex Hurst - Who Wingers Rhys Browne - Tricky David Amoo - Overated David Worrall - Effort Strikers Devante Rodney - Quick Mark Cullen - Underated Tom Pope - Handful
  21. Aah yes Enfield in the FA Cup that's where I'll remember it from. One of my earliest Vale memories.... and not a good one.
  22. I seem to remember us having some yellow and green concoction when I was a very young lad in the late 70's / early 80's or am I imagining it?
  23. No.2 keeper is always a really difficult position to fill, particularly when you've got a dominant No.1. Nobody wants to sit on the bench and unless there is an injury or serious drop off in form from Brown that is exactly where the new incumbent is going to be. It was plain that Madison was only signed in order to fill the role because there was no alternative at the time, but what is the alternative now? No keeper worth his salt is going to want to come to spend every game in the dugout. Either Askey has a keeper in mind, or it's about freeing up a wage and bringing a young keeper in on loan
  24. Personally, I can't see that working at all. Firstly any sensible social media user either does not connect their accounts to their employer in any way, and for those where the connection is obvious they should put a statement such as "all views my own and are not representative of PVFC" etc. Secondly what if (as in this case) the punishment is entirely unjust. I understand that Pope is a serial offender, but equating a certain family with financial dominance is not anti semetic. Even if you go to the extreme of saying Pope's analogy was stereotyping Jew"s as being financially astute/dominant
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