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  1. I've seen literally one poster here say that Askey should go. One. The only thing that is OTT is your response to one single poster saying that Askey should go. Where we are right now in the league is the bare minimum of what we should realistically expect from the team and squad we have.
  2. They've conceded less than us and have clean sheets in each of their last 3 games, so are clearly well organised. Andy Williams is a good player for them and will be a threat, while Reuben Reid always has a goal in him. Score first and I'm confident we'll win the game. Either 1 -0 to us or 0-0, 1-1 would be my guess. But such is the shitstorm that is 2020 it will probably finish 3-3!
  3. I offered to wash his car. Have you?!
  4. Not sure why I'm being called out by a few. 😄 I like a good whinge. But I've not once said that Askey should go or anything like. I haven't been impressed at times with his team selections or his subs this season and I've called them out, it's just an opinion. I like the bloke and he's a breath of fresh air compared to Neil Aspin. I've also criticised Worrall for being nowhere near his best so far this season, but I'm happy to give him credit today as he was much better and more like what we should expect from him. But as one of our better and senior players I don't think he's beyond crit
  5. Deserved but my God that didn't need to be a 1-2 game. Robinson isn't the answer up top. Play Cullen at home and Pope away. They were dog <ovf censored> to be honest but any 3 points in League Two is always very welcome, and if we beat a decent Cheltenham side at home then we'll be back to somewhere where we should be in the league. Get Askey a pen and a new contract! 😆
  6. They've won 1 game this season - We aren't half making hard work of this. We're miles better than them and shouldn't be hanging on by the skin of our teeth, and that's even if we continue to hang on.
  7. If you could take the best attributes from Robinson, Cullen, Pope and Rodney you would have a terrific striker for this level. Unfortunately for different reasons I don't think any of them are worth starting every week any more than the others.
  8. My bad for moaning and groaning and throwing the toys out the pram. Most football fans are as fickle as they come sometimes and that includes myself. A good win on Saturday and I'll be wanting to wash John's car first thing Sunday morning no doubt.
  9. At the moment we're 13th, barely creating a chance and are scoring even fewer goals than some really poor sides in League Two. I'd hardly called that falling onto the category of promotion contenders. Yes, there's still plenty of time for things to change and hopefully they will, starting on Saturday. But me personally, I have my doubts, and I dare say a few more might a bit further down the line perhaps too.
  10. What chances? We created next to nothing again last night other than what I'd call nothing more than a half-chance. Oldham are almost guaranteed 3 points considering our past history of gifting teams struggling for a win three points. At best I see us huffing and puffing to a laboured draw. Can't wait.
  11. So you're happy with our average of less than a goal every game so far? You're content with us not creating anything in open play game after game? You don't think Worrall has been a liability this season? You don't think that Askey is making some shocking decisions? You would have taken 13th place in the table after 7 games at the beginning of the season where almost everyone here was in agreement we had an excellent looking squad? Maybe in another 5 or so game when we're doing the exact same things and Askey is coming out with the same old "We're disappointed" after every game, just mayb
  12. Hardly something to be pleased about. I've seen plenty of them say that it was the poorest they've looked all season, and from what I saw they were very much there to be beaten last night. But we put in an inept second half display and got exactly what we deserved, which was nothing. I don't think we would have scored from open play if we were still playing now, and that's not the first time I've said that this season.
  13. So Asksy insists that Robinson was always likely to run out of steam, and yet kept him on for the full duration? Makes sense. Some of his decisions are pure comedy.
  14. Maybe I'm being OTT and I'll be less melodramatic tomorrow. But it's still not good enough currently. 6 goals in the league so far this season is a piss take, as is the amount of chances we're generally creating. It just seems like we've very quickly gone from being excited for a potential automatic promotion push with a strong squad to a side that gets a nose bleed in the final third and constantly has it's better players missing.
  15. A game that was there to be won and yet our manager makes his first change after 81 minutes to try and get back into it. Literally wasted 35 minutes of the second half scratching his nutsack and watching us go nowhere after a decent first half.
  16. If I wanted to keep the faith I'd listen to Bon Jovi. There's teams near the bottom that have scored more goals than us, we're sliding down the table and have a manager that waits until 81 minutes to try and change the course of a game when everyone else can see that things needed changing after 60. Sorry for being a little bit concerned.
  17. Well when we are mid-table after 15 games perhaps you'll change your tune a little. Though probably not.
  18. Most people aren't asking for him to be sacked. But he's getting a lot more wrong than he is right currently and nobody with any sense can't be extremely concerned about the way things are going right now after a positive start. Go back to the start of the season where pretty much everyone were in agreement that we had the best squad for a long time. Not one person here would have said being 13th after 7 games was anywhere close to being acceptable.
  19. "Keep the faith!" Used to see exactly this time and time again with Neil Aspin.
  20. And the fact that you seem content to be 13th after 7 games despite winning the first two games of the season say's a lot. At least we beat Wigan though...
  21. He's a wide player. It's his job to assist, and to get the odd goal himself. How many of both has he got this season as of yet? Nowhere near good enough on current form.
  22. He's not playing great? Jesus. He's been absolutely woeful for a player that's shown he's capable of showing so much more. I remember commenting that he's not playing well after the Exeter win, despite the three points, and some replies were to give him a few more games and he'll show his class. Well a few more games later and he's just as <ovf censored> now and he was in the first two games.
  23. I'll come back to your post in 5 or 6 games time when absolutely nothing has changed, we aren't scoring enough goals still, and Askey is still giving the impression he has no idea what our best 11 is and is making changes in games far too late to allow players to actually impact them properly. And absolutely nobody expected us to piss the league, win every game or boss every game. You've just completely made that up to suit your own argument.
  24. How is arse hasn't warmed the bench so far this season is beyond me, regardless of what he did last season or in 2015. I know with Amoo out we haven't been stacked with options but playing a badly out of form player on one flank and a rookie striker on the other (before tonight) is asking for trouble, surely?
  25. Can't really count Oyeleke as that's not anything new. And we replaced Mills and Gibbons with a better player than both. Every squad in League Two will have players missing, it's no excuse for the run we've been on and the lack of chances we aren't creating every single game be it home or away. Askey is making us look a very ordinary and average side right now.
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