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  1. King - Love & Pride As a kid, my old man had a video tape by King that had 4 or 5 music videos by them on it, and I used to watch it just because of the video to the above song. I guess I was fascinated somewhat by 80's mullets and sprayed Doc Martin boots! As I got older though I also realized what a cracking song it was, by a rather under-rated band.
  2. Crowded House - Don't Dream It's Over
  3. Alphaville - Big In Japan 80's music is timeless.
  4. Can't beat a bit of Enya to calm your <ovf censored> a bit.
  5. Well Southgate loves him and to be fair, Lingard has always done well in an England shirt even if not performing at United. Barkley had a good start at Villa be returning to type so he will probably be out the picture. I see Lingard as an alternative to Mount as they have similar games in some aspects, such as pressing and energy. I actually like Lingard more than most, despite him playing for a club I dislike and his cringe inducing goal celebrations.
  6. Have to say that should he keep his form up, Lingard might have played his way back into the squad from nowhere. Despite their loss I thought he was excellent again for West Ham today against elite opposition.
  7. Nowhere near as good as he believed he was. He looks great against poor opponents but doesn't have the power or defense to take him beyond European level. Needs improve massively if he's to ever get near to a word title.
  8. If Southgate does go for Rice, Henderson and Mount then he needs sectioning! They are all very good players, but you should be trying to get both Foden and Grealish in your team, at the very least one of them. Rice always looks slow and sluggish in an England shirt to me and yet whenever I see him for West Ham he's an 8/10 every time. He's certainly an upgrade on Eric Dier though.
  9. I don't really think Mount has to be seen as an impact player. He'll play the Henderson role, but has more goals and assists in him, being a bit more attack minded. But Southgate will be picking him on his work-rate and pressing merits. I think Thomas Tuchel has quickly become a fan after leaving him out of his very first game in charge of Chelsea. I still like Ross Barkley myself even if he's still inconsistent. But he's generally done well in an England shirt and if he keeps his form up for Villa for the remainder of the season he has to be in contention. There's a ton of options in most positions to be fair. Curtis Jones can't be too far away from his thinking either as he's generally done well in a poor Liverpool effort this season.
  10. Never said we were strong! But I don't think we're hopeless as long as we don't pick Maguire, which Southgate will. Stones plus one from Mings, Gomez or Godfrey is decent enough. Though clearly no Terry and Ferdinand. Also Stones looks a different player this season. If he can continue to cut out those brain farts than he's one of the best defenders of his type around. Mount is a very good player in his own right, I'm not sure why suddenly he gets as much stick as he does. There's no reasonhe and Foden can't or won't player together in the same side.
  11. Southgate will definitely be cautious. Probably stems from the fact that he was obviously a defender, and a decent one it has to be said, himself. Also, although he's massively talented and will come again, Arnold has been brutal this season for Liverpool, and I'm not convinced he's the right man for that right-back spot even before this season. Defensively he's abysmal and I think James or Trippier would offer a better balance for the time being. I had Saka in my side but that would probably be too attacking, and it's not his best position. But he's been that good and consistent for the Gunners this season I just wanted to find a place for him.
  12. We have the team to beat really good sides if the right team is selected. Top sides might fancy their chances of attacking us, goes without saying. But no defense would look forward to facing the likes of Kane, Sterling, Sancho, Grealish and Foden etc. I'd probably make us dark horses. You'll have your usual favourites, France, Belgium and Portugal. Then I'd put us on a same sort of level as the likes of Germany, Netherlands, Italy and Spain. We have as much attacking talent as any other side.
  13. I know we're still a fair few months away, and there's plenty to discuss closer to home currently. Are we capable of winning it with a bit of luck? Will Southgate hold us back? Or are we simply not good enough, or not experienced enough perhaps? What would your ideal 11 look like? Personally I'm as optimistic for England's chances as I've been for a long time. I'm not sure Southgate is capable of leading us to glory, as likeable a chap as he is, as he seems to worry more about us not conceding too many instead of focusing what we do well, which should be attacking. But I really don't think we're as bad at the back as generally made out at the moment. We clearly don't have a John Terry or a Rio Ferdinand, but the re-emergence of John Stones who hasn't put a foot wrong for a while now is great news for our national side, while Ben Godfrey has looked a very good purchase at the back for Everton these last couple of months or so. It's also been said for a while that we are light in the middle of the park in regards to flair and creativity. But Phil Foden is technically good enough to not look out of place for any club or International side in the world, while Jude Bellingham is also a brilliant prospect, though this summer might come a bit too soon for him. But I look at us in each department and don't really see a major weak point other than th goalkeepers. Pickford has generally done fine for England. But he doesn't exactly give you complete confidence. Pope is a good shot stopper but struggles with his kicking, which means Southgate is unlikely to pick him, while Henderson is probably the best of the lot overall but needs to oust De Gea first from the United side. Goalkeepers Pickford, Pope, Henderson, McCarthy, Ramsdale Right-backs Walker, Trippier, Alexander-Arnold, James, Wan-Bissaka, Walker-Peters, Lamptey Centre-backs Maguire, Stones, Mings, Gomes, Keane, Coady, Godfrey, Tarkowski, Dunk, Konsa, White Left-backs Chilwell, Shaw, Saka, Cresswell, Bertrand Defensive midfielders Rice, Henderson, Phillips, Dier Midfielders Mount, Bellingham, Barkley, Ward-Prowse, Winks, Lingard Attacking midfielders/Wingers Sterling, Sancho, Rashford, Foden, Grealish, Maddison, Hudson-Odoi, Barnes Strikers Kane, Calvert-Lewin, Ings, Abraham, Greenwood, Bamford, Watkins I don't think any country as such an abundance of riches at right-back, and not many in the attacking department either. We're absolutely stacked! If I was to pick an 11 right now using in-form players and also trying to keep a realistic balance in the side, it would look something like this: Pickford, Trippier, Stones, Mings, Shaw, Rice, Mount, Foden, Grealish, Sterling, Kane (4-3-3) Obviously there's not a chance Southgate's 11 will look anything like that attacking though! It will be Foden or Grealish. And the likes of Maguire, Henderson and Rashford will start if fit.
  14. Liverpool as a squad are burnt out. Not sure if it's more physically or mentally, but the all action, high pressing game simply hasn't been there this season. I think the players need a proper break, and also a few good reinforcements to keep others on their toes. The front three especially have gone quickly from being the best front three in Europe for two or three years to looking pretty ordinary. I still think Liverpool can make the top 4, but I would say the same for 6 or 7 teams. What I do know is that City will end up winning it almost as comfortably as Liverpool did last season. Chelsea will become a very good side under Tuchel over the next couple of years too. I still think United are a number of players away. You're not winning any major trophy with the likes of Maguire, Lindelof, Wan-Bissaka, Fred and Martial playing most weeks.
  15. It's a funny old game. Liverpool put in their best performance for a while for 80 minutes and scored a brilliant goal. But as soon as it went to 1-1 the confidence fell through the floor, and Alisson has suddenly turned into Jonny Brain. Leicester are a good side too and I wouldn't be surprised at all if they finish second this season. I think they have a much better team on paper than United who are second currently.
  16. Kane and Sterling I can accept but I'd put Rashford behind Grealish and Sancho myself. Rashford is a good player and a match-winner on his day, but for United he blows hot and cold far too much. He can go 10 games where he'll score 7 or 8 and look like a world-beater and then play 10 games where he looks no more than a mid-table Premier League player. There's not much middle ground with Rashford, he's either excellent or bang average.
  17. I think they all have different qualities. Pickford is certainly miles better than both Pope and Henderson in regards to passing the ball out from the back. But Pope is much safer than Pickford with better handling, and Henderson probably the best out of all three overall, but he won't get picked if he's not playing for United. We have an attack that can win the Euros but much will depend on us stumbling on a decent and settled back four, and Southgate actually embracing the fact that we have the potential to be so good and dangerous going forward. As of right now I think his team would look like this, which is far different than what most people would pick. Pickford Trippier Maguire Dier Chilwell Rice Henderson Mount Rashford Sterling Kane Or if he played with three at the back you could replace one of Rice or more likely Henderson with someone like Mings or Coady. A Maguire and Dier combination gives me nightmares.
  18. Mount is a very good player and gets undeserved flack from some quarters. Technically he's not as good as Foden or Grealish, or even Barkley for that matter. But he has a goal in him and he's fantastic at pressing, which most managers in the modern game love. Henderson also. For me it should be one of Rice or Phillips for the holding role, Foden and then either Mount, Barkley or Henderson. Curtis Jones will soon be in the mix too, though this summer will come a bit too soon for him.
  19. We're not going to be great at the back regardless of who we select, so we might as well just use our strengths as a squad and attack teams. On paper we have one of the strongest attacks in world football. This would be something like my own personal 11 right now, and I think it looks a pretty good side if used correctly. Pickford Trippier Stones Mings Shaw Rice Mount Foden Grealish Sterling Kane Some excellent options on the bench in the likes of Sancho, Rashford, Saka and Alexander-Arnold etc. Mings gets in because he's left-footed. His partner at Villa at Konsa would also be in my thoughts, as would Matty Cash. I went with Trippier largely based on the fact that Alexander-Arnold has been in poor form this season, James hasn't been consistent at Chelsea and is still learning, and Walker has too many brain farts. Foden and Grealish are both fantastic technically and would cause any side all sorts of problems. Sterling offers the pace up top, while Kane is Kane, when fit. A lot of people won't choose Pickford based on club form but I genuinely can't remember him making a mistake in an England shirt, and he generally saves his better performances for our national team. Henderson will become the undisputed number 1 in the near future though, for both England and United.
  20. Shocking from Alisson today. City absolutely deserved to win but 4-1 flattered them. But as an Englishman you can't help but be excited about Foden's potential. He could be our best player since Gazza, only he has a much better mentality than Gascoigne. If Southgate can't get a tune out of the likes of Kane, Foden, Grealish and Sterling in the summer then he should be ashamed of himself. As for Liverpool, they've clearly hit a brick wall both mentally and physically. I think some major changes are needed by Klopp once the season has ended. I can see a whole host of players being sold - At least one of the front three if not two, and then the likes of Oxlade-Chamberlain, Wijnaldum, Shaqiri, Origi etc.
  21. Knew you would be too tempted to comment after a 2 year hiatus. 😂
  22. He's been brilliant this season, as has Matty Cash, and should definitely be in consideration. One thing England do have is some wonderful full-backs when you consider we can select from Alexander-Arnold, James, Walker, Trippier, Justin, Cash, Wan-Bissaka, Walker-Peters, Lamptey, Chilwell, Saka, Shaw, Targett... Even Cresswell is playing well for West Ham this season.
  23. Liverpool need a big clearout in the summer. I can see at least one of the front three being sold, possibly two. Firmino is clearly past his best, and Salah, although obviously world-class still on his day, he has also peaked and I'd consider selling him while you can still got a large amount for him. Liverpool should enter the race to sign Sancho and go with a front three of Sancho, Mane and Jota next season. How Origi and Shaqiri are still at the club I have no idea, especially the former. He's got a few important goals here and there but he's Sheffield United level. Oxlade-Chamberlain should also be on the to go list along with a few others. That guy is never going to fulfill his potential.
  24. I meant dodgy in regards to trying to settle on a centre-back partnership once Kompany retired. Think about how many different centre-backs they've had and tried over the years. The likes of Mangala, Savic, Otamendi, Nastasic, Demichelis were all poor to shocking, and even Stones was a car crash most of the time before this season. It's the reason why they have continued to fall short in the Champions League under Guardiola, though that may change this season.
  25. I've always thought he was bang average, or at least since his leg break, but to be fair to him he's been the best left-back in the country this season. Surely he gets in ahead of Chilwell for England at left-back.
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