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  1. You genuinely thought we played well yesterday? What were you smoking? We were terrible on the whole, and against a poor side. Also, without the "2 calamitous goals" we would still only have drew the game. We're woeful.
  2. Agreed. Still don't think we have done anything over the three games we wouldn't have done under Askey. When Askey was sacked there was more than enough time in the season for someone to come in and turn things around. Appointing Pugh is just downing tools, in my opinion. If money is the main reason for that, which seems to be the case, then we should have just stuck with Askey. We would have won enough games here and there to survive, as there's other absolute dross in the league along with ourselves.
  3. I did. Weeks before most here. But had I known Pugh was his replacement, even if only for the remainder of the season, I would have been John's biggest fan.
  4. We beat one of the worst sides I've ever seen at Vale Park in Grimsby. Got a lucky result away to FGR in a game in which we were shocking for the majority, and were knocked out of a Cup against Sunderland with an absolute whimper. We did nothing in those three games I don't believe we couldn't have done with Askey still in charge. We should have just kept John.
  5. I get that. But I don't get why on earth you would sack Askey if you knew all along that Pugh was going to be the one taking over the reigns for the remainder of the season. Askey needed to go, but you it makes no sense to replace him with someone that's never managed a side before. At least Askey had experience and also did show that he was capable for us before it went pear shaped. Pugh has done absolutely nothing to warrant anything he's being handed to him. She's basically replaced a dog turd with Cow <ovf censored>. It still <ovf censored> stinks all the same.
  6. Been woeful over the last few months though. Looks just about finished.
  7. Let's hope he can throw hands quicker than he can move his legs.
  8. I'd have more faith in Askey than Danny <ovf censored> Pugh. To sack a manager that deserved the sack but had experience and replace him with an absolute chancer that's also mates with lots of the players at the club will be an absolutely appalling decision by Carol, no matter what sunshine people thinks shines out of her arse every passing second.
  9. Four words is probably your record, right? A few more, and also a full stop, and you will have completed your first ever sentence. I have faith in you.
  10. Steer us to relegation perhaps? Something for everyone Port Vale to look forward to. Might as well have just kept Askey or make Pope player-manager.
  11. I'm not discrediting the owners. But I believe I'm speaking facts in saying that they're still paying money to the previous numpty, and don't have any money to invest in a team that desperately needs investment. Our freebie and loan signings generally leave a lot to be desired. Nathan Smith is woeful. He gets a pass by some because he's a local boy, but for all the talk by some of him playing at a higher level in the past, he should consider himself very lucky he's playing in League Two, in my opinion. He's gone backwards in a big way and only gets games because Crooks is even worse.
  12. When David Fitzpatrick is far from your biggest worry, you know you're a poor side going only in one direction.
  13. Exactly this. I got slated in the past when I said that the owners might be too nice for the good of the club to some degree. How long before we see Dean Glover swanning around? Maybe we'll see Gary Roberts back in a coaching role, that'll be fun. I was one of the first here to want Askey out as I could see that it had gone <ovf censored> up and there was no coming back for him, and wanted a change while the season was still salvageable. Had I of known that we'd be stuck with Pugh and Sinclair I would have had Askey's name tattooed along my forehead and been pleading for him t
  14. Weakest argument ever. Next time you comment to anyone about space, the Universe, don't. Because you're not and will never be an Astronaut.
  15. Come back when we actually sign a player that isn't a freebie or a loan deal, or costs more than an average weekly grocery shop.
  16. For a start our owners are having to pay money to Smurf still, Brainiac.
  17. Well that went exactly as expected. We somehow make a very poor side look better than they are by being worse in all departments somehow. Out ASAP - Danny Pugh Frank Sinclair David Fitzpatrick Nathan Smith Leon Legge Shaun Brisley Adam Crooks Zak Mills Luke Joyce Danny Whitehead Scott Burgess Manny Oyeleke Harry McKirdy David Amoo Mark Cullen Theo Robinson Kurtis Guthrie The OVF Happy Clappers The club is rotten. Nice owners, sure, but they don't have a penny to invest on the pitch which
  18. Let's hope for your own sake that you're not a betting man then. Tool.
  19. We need to drop Joyce and go 4-4-2. Conlon and Taylor in the middle. Brown Gibbons Smith Brisley Fitzpatrick Worrall Conlon Taylor Montano Guthrie Rodney Make it happen. (with everyone fit and available of course)
  20. Decent point in the end, you can't say anything else. But it looked to be two poor teams from the performances, and I can't help but think the game was there to be won today had we just gone for it a little more from the off. As frustrating as he can be and as raw as he looks at times, Rodney is one of the very few positives on the pitch that we actually have.
  21. Right now he's literally the Stoke-on-Trent Forrest Gump. He doesn't start himself though, it only shows how brutal we are that he's now in our starting 11. I think he's a prospect but ideally he would be nowhere near the starting 11 right now.
  22. Boomer knows the players well, no doubt. Maybe he should come out of retirement and manage Port Vale.
  23. I made that point on the day. Beating a side at Vale Park that Portly Vale would probable be able to compete well against means nothing. As wonderful as she is, if Carol thinks choosing Pugh until the end of the season, regardless of the current circumstances, is the right decision, she needs her head examining.
  24. Come back Bruno, Kiko, Tavares, De Freitas, Amoros and Cicilia. All is forgiven.
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