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  1. Truth hurts. Get ready to give John lots of cuddles when he's finally shown the door soon.
  2. Are you still rambling? Sit down and wind your neck in, you parasite.
  3. How about go <ovf censored> yourself, you bell end.
  4. You're one of the helmets, no wonder you're upset.
  5. Joke of a manager. Joke supporters who think Askey is still up to the task. You're getting exactly what you deserve, you helmets.
  6. None, including us I'll come back to this on Saturday.
  7. Which other team has lost 5 league games on the bounce this season?!
  8. He won't be anytime soon. Preferably he would lead us to a couple of victories over the next week and make me eat my words, which I would do quite merrily, but then pigs might fly...
  9. Can't keep harping on about something that happened God knows how many years ago, or what Askey did last season. I remember some people were saying the exact same things with Neil Aspin - Give him time... We'll turn the corner... He worked wonders last season... In Aspin we trust... And yet we all know how that ended. For the sake of Port Vale and our current season - Askey out!
  10. 5 League Two losses on the trot along with an FA Cup exit at the first hurdle is not a knee jerk reaction.
  11. I don't see it happening. At the moment we look like a relegation bound side in the way that the game is as good as over the moment we go a goal down. Maybe I see it differently than others in that I just see a bunch of playing going through the motions and downing tools far too easily, and that stems from the manager. Askey, the same as Aspin, now bores me to tears when he churns out the usual dross after each game. The fact that he actually said "Hopefully we'll be better on Saturday" is quite embarrassing.
  12. Some people keep saying give him a chance. Are these people not seeing what's going on, on the pitch? Players look confused, have no confidence and just look bored. I don't think we've played particularly well all season to be honest and for me it goes beyond the last month or so. Why give him until the end of the season? He's not going to suddenly became any different. He'll still be far too negative in his approach to games. Still making a mockery of of his use of subs. Still putting out starting 11's that very few would have guessed. Still losing games we really should be winning. Still mak
  13. If Port Vale FC were given a league position based on the amount of happy clappers around, those that are just happy to exist in League Two, then we'd be certainties for Champions League football every year.
  14. Good for you. Have fun up there on your high horse. As the owner of the club, Carol is the only person that can actually do something to change what's going on, on the pitch. Askey is certainly showing that he's unable to. We all know what Carol and her hubby have done for the club without you going over everything we already know and are fully aware of. It sounds like you want to inhale her farts and tell everybody they smell of roses. But if she doesn't get rid of Askey either now or very soon then, as the owner, that's on her. If she wants all of the top work she's done for the cl
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