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  1. Carol and her fella are the best thing to happen to the club in a long, long time. They may not be able to throw millions at the club in regards to player transfers but quite clearly they have made the club into one of the more attractive opposition for any lower league players that aren't all about how much wage they got, and also a club everyone can be proud to support. It wasn't so long ago when we were run by Smurf and one of the biggest jokes and sad excuse for a club in English football.
  2. Based on his history he's a bit of a chancer. But if he has pace, which seems to be the case, then that alone will add a bit of something we didn't really have up front with either Pope or Cullen. Hopefully be will be another Scott Burgess who surprised just about everybody!
  3. Sad of course. But 85 in the world as it is today is a more than decent innings, and what an innings he produced. R.I.P!
  4. Our best signing of the summer no doubt. I'm made up. My girlfriend is thousands of miles away, anyone for a reach around?
  5. A big part of the reason why we suddenly looked a decent side this season is because of the overall squad mentality and attitude. The players all go on about what a good dressing room it is at the club now - and someone like McKirdy for all of his talent could ruin that. Part of the reason why Liverpool have been so good under Klopp over the last couple of years isn't just because of the ability within the squad but because of the mentality at the club that's installed by him and the players. When you think about the likes of Henderson, Milner and Alexander-Arnold you think of outstanding professionals who set an example every time they train. Henderson and especially Milner weren't blessed with tons of natural ability at birth - Both have had to work like troopers throughout their careers to improve and be where they are today as men and footballers. I see something similar now at Vale with the likes of Brown, Legge and Joyce - Proper pro's who set a good example. You can now add Tom Pope to that too. He's grown up a lot and you can only respect him for that as he himself would agree that he was no saint when he was starting out his career.
  6. TylerB


    Would have been too easy anyway. Maybe next season we can win it in much more dramatic style on the last day of the season. What a way to do it that would be! Stay safe pal.
  7. TylerB


    It would be extremely unfortunate for Liverpool but this whole thing has put everything into perspective really. If the season does get cancelled then Liverpool will just have to dust themselves off and go again next season. Under Klopp they will be challengers again. I think everyone invovled at Liverpool should just be thankful that they have an opportunity to something once again - There's plenty of people in the UK and across the world that sadly don't have the opportunity now to do anything else.
  8. TylerB


    I've missed your humour Good health to you buddy!
  9. TylerB


    Just checking in. Hope everyone is well (as can be) and surviving!
  10. Three Lions? World in Motion? Vindaloo? This gets me every damn time.
  11. TylerB


    People generally do get it. But for some reason there's a crowd that believe they would just be able to deal with it like they would a cold should they get it. They don't give a toss about spreading it around just as long as they think that they'll be alright. As life can be extremely unfair it will largely be the one's who had obeyed orders and took the advice given to them on board that have to suffer no doubt. Now is the time to start fining and potentially threatening the numpties with jail time if that's what it will take.
  12. TylerB


    It's far from ideal to say the least, but to call it apocalyptic is a bit OTT. We got through the Spanish Flu a hundred years ago and that was without anything like the technology and medicine we have today. It just needs time and for people to do the sensible things.
  13. TylerB


    I think it's worth remembering that the virus being on your hands won't give you the infection. The problem is we all touch our face countless times a day. I tested myself with this by using some Vaseline the other day on the end of my fingertips. While I was thinking about it, it was fine, but the moment I was distracted I would touch my nose, or my chin whenever I was thinking about anything... We all do it probably hundreds of time a week without really knowing it, and that's all it takes to give yourself the virus if you put your hand on anything where it's still lingering. Another huge issue is just how many people are actually carrying it without displaying any symptoms whatsoever, or no symptoms more than what you would get with a minor cold or allergy. Unless there's a major lockdown where people are only allowed on the streets with permission I can't see any end to this. It needs to happen, we have to live in a way none of us have ever had to before, at least for any amount of time, for the 6+ months it will take for a vaccine to be given the green light and distributed worldwide.
  14. TylerB


    It doesn't matter how long most of us say stop being selfish to people, it's not going to make one bit of difference. Some are too selfish and self-important to care, while others just aren't intelligent enough to actually get it, to get the severity of the situation. The only way to stop these people will be by bringing in even former rules and laws and threatening people with fines and jail time.
  15. TylerB


    With a bit of luck!
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