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  1. Match them (or more) for work-rate and we'll win the game, simple as that. They have some useful players, we have lots of them. They'll finish mid-table I think come the end of the season and if we want out of the league we can't be dropping points at home to sides like this. We'll do fine as long as no complacency sets in, and this early on in the season especially, it shouldn't.
  2. How do you suddenly go to having us concede 3 goals after two clean sheets in the league?! We're playing Harrogate, not Barca. 😆
  3. Feel free to get excited. We have one of the best squads in the league, a manager that knows what he's doing and we should only get better from here on in as the new players settle and improve. Obviously you can never take anything for granted, but there's no reason not to be incredibly optimistic about our chances this season.
  4. To be fair to Chelsea, they were without Chilwell, Thiago Silva, Pulisic and Ziyech. They won't challenge this year as their new players will need to gel. Havertz in his two games so far hasn't looked any better than Barkley, but he has bags of ability and will surely come good. It will be between Liverpool and City again this year, but it will be interesting to see how Everton fair this time around, as they have a really good team now, and also how Spurs get on under Mourinho. Leeds will be entertaining too, for both right and wrong reasons.
  5. They're a decent team and I don't see them struggling, but let them worry about us. As long as we show the right application on the day and don't take the result for granted, which we won't, I see a pretty comfortable 2-0 win.
  6. It was, but the end scoreline wasn't flattering to Palace. Can't believe that anyone at United would think that you'll get where you want to be with Shaw, Maguire, Lindelof and either Wan-Bissaka or Fosu-Mensah in your backline!
  7. Kane was unbelievable today. His passing for a striker is ridiculous. If that's De Bruyne making those assists the football world is going crazy.
  8. Terrific start by Man U! 😂 Ole's at the wheel! Early days yet of course. But Everton look like they are going to be a joy to watch this season, and the same with Leeds although for different reasons.
  9. This is an 11 that didn't start today, due to either injury or just being benched. Visser, Gibbons, Brisley, Crooks, Montano, Whitehead, Trickett-Smith, Burgess, McKirdy, Amoo, Pope I'd fancy that team to hold it's own in the league, and that front three is probably better than most sides in League Two. The job Askey (and the owners) have done is a relatively short space of time in assembling such a strong squad of players is a credit to all of them!
  10. None of Fitzpatrick, Joyce, Conlon, Worrall or Cullen can be considered anything close to tall! (of those that started today)
  11. Away from home I'd give the nod to Rodney as our lone forward. Nothing against Cullen, he links the play well at times, but Rodney gives us such a physical presence. It will also allow us to play one of McKirdy or Amoo, with Worrall on the other side. Montano for me is better as an attacking left-back.
  12. Superb win against a good side! Rode our luck in the 2nd half a bit but that's always going to be the case against the better teams in the league. I think Mills is a decent player but it's no coincidence that their biggest two chances of the second half came from crosses on his side of the pitch. I'll be glad to see Gibbons back as I think he's a better defender. Fitzpatrick has done alright and I don't begrudge him a place in the squad, but he and Mills are definitely our weak links to an extent. If only we could get Mitch Clark back!
  13. ncksnvklnsikvn k. klsrngvkl;r vk. The Milky Bars are on me.
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