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  1. Amoo was hopeless. He's dissapointed me in a Vale shirt so far considering his pre season and needs to get a <ovf censored> grip.
  2. I think clearly we perform better when we're not favourites and play as the underdogs. Hence our wins against the likes of Crewe and Bradford away and also the wins away in the FA Cup. Its almost a mentality thing more than ability. I never expected today to be a walk in the park but the performance almost belonged in the Neil Aspin days. I'm <ovf censored> off.
  3. In my opinion they're a poor side and they got the 3 points today because we were miles off it. Today was such a good opportunity to get 3 points against a side that were below us and push us in or around the play offs and we blew it as usual. <ovf censored> garbage all round.
  4. Woeful today. We can't start with Pope at home as we forget how to play football suddenly.
  5. And where were they in the league prior to kick off? They are where they are because they are not very good at all. Had we played anything like how we're capable of we would have won this game comfortably.
  6. We've been <ovf censored> against a poor side.
  7. So very Vale today. They always find a way to bring you crashing down to earth. Walsall are absolutely woeful and yet they will go away with the 3 points. Really missed Worrall and Browne today and another wide player in January is a must.
  8. The squad now to the one we had last season and previous seasons is like chalk and cheese. Our best 11 is play-off material and we also have a strong bench with everyone fit, arguably the strongest bench we've had for a lot of years! Brown Gibbons Legge Smith Montano Joyce Oyeleke Taylor Worrall Amoo Pope Subs: Maddison Atkinson Conlon Burgess Browne Bennett Cullen Askey has done a terrific job so far and long may it continue.
  9. What a loan signing this little fella has been. Love his energy, he has a bit of quality and 6 goals in 19 appearances for a midfielder is a terrific return. He's been unlucky and could have had one or two more too. Also seems like a young lad that just gets his head down and wants to learn and improve his game.
  10. Brown Gibbons Legge Smith Montano Browne Conlon Taylor Burgess Amoo Pope
  11. Shows how far we have come in such a short space of time when we can be without Oyeleke and Worrall and still expect to win games of football. No games are a walk in the park at this level and Walsall won't lie down with their collective asses up in the air waiting to be spanked. But I'm expecting the 3 points.
  12. It will be interested to see Foden play. I should imagine he will get a game and he is the successor for them to David Silva and also one of our brightest prospects going forward for the national team. There starting 11 in the day could look a little something like this, injury and suspension permitting! Bravo Cancelo Stones Otamendi Angelino Zinchenko Gundogan Foden B. Silva Mahrez Jesus Jesus and Pope on the field together! Brilliant.
  13. If Gomez can get a run of games and find his club form from last season then on paper there's nothing at all wrong with a partnership of Gomez and Tomori in the future. I have to say I've been impressed with Jack Grealish this season and he must be close to getting a call up to compete with the likes of Maddison, Mount and Oxlade-Chamberlain. Dele Alli is also looking a player again.
  14. Amazing. We now have a terrific pair of owners who genuinely want the club to do well and are passionate about doing things correctly. We have a sensible manager who talks a lot of sense and was also tied with the club before taking up the position, what with his Father playing for the club and him being born I believe in Milton. And we also have a team to be proud of. They won't always perform every week and will slip up here and there, but we are no longer littered with foreign chancers and genuinely have what seems to be a close knit squad of old and young pros from these shores that are all chomping at the bit to do well, and want to work for each other. This tie is just the icing on the cake, and in the end it could well be the difference in January whether we finish respectively in mid-table or in and around the play-offs come the end of the season.
  15. Who's the keeper again? It's too early
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