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  1. When are people gonna stop suddenly expecting Pope to score goals for us? I know, if you listen to some on here, he's scored 10-15 since he's been out, but he's scored 3 goals out of our 43 this season, across 2 games, and got barely any assists. People say if he'd played against Oldham, he'd have had a hattrick. The Oldham game was very similar to the King's Lynn game. Pope played. Didn't score. Sick to the back teeth of some giving Rodney et al hell on here, yet Pope gets all of the leeway in the world. Rodney, in his first full FL season, has scored pretty much what Pope has in nearly 2 league seasons. Robinson has scored more than Pope this season across all competitions. Hell, Cullen is only 1 behind Pope. The issue with this squad is not our strikers. It's our service. I've said it time and time again. Our service to our strikers is absolutely shocking. This is a squad that was built largely by Aspin to 'feed Pope'. Pope's powers have waned to the point where he's a sub player at best. I can't see DC offering any of our out of contract players a new deal at the end of the season, so I'm confident that next season we'll see a very different style of play and, most importantly, results. He's still our best forward by a distance regardless of what you think. Clearly he's past his best, and has been for a couple of seasons now, but I'd still expect him to bury a few of chances our other Donkeys have been missing.
  2. He's better than three of our four forwards.
  3. Why, have we suddenly signed a forward? If Pope isn't fit nothing will change. When are people gonna stop suddenly expecting the likes of Guthrie and Robinson to score goals for us. We can create as many chances as we like, it doesn't really matter, we're now absolutely toothless in front of goal. Our forward's don't score, our midfielders don't score. I'd be very surprised if we score more than 1 goal in any of the remaining games this season.
  4. Brown - Not a great season for him individually, but keep. We'll really struggle to find a better keeper. Visser - Keep. Always looks reliable. Unlucky with injury this season. Gibbons - Keep. Needs to stay clear of injury but he's a good player at this sort of level, and can get better. Mills - Get rid. Just not very good to put it mildly. Smith - Never been a fan, but would keep on the premise that he can still improve. Can never fault his attitude. Legge - Get rid. Brilliant servant but his legs have gone and at times can almost look a liability. Fitzpatrick - Get rid. By no means our worst player but another who's not up to the mark. Brisley - Bang average. We have worse players, but if he can't get into our first 11 regularly.... Crookes - Keep. Has improved massively under Clarke and is at a good age. Joyce - Same as Legge. Whitehead - Get rid. Nowhere near good enough. Couldn't pass wind correctly, it probably comes out of his nostrils too. Burgess - Get rid. Offers very little. Has gone backwards this season. Conlon - Keep. Decent player but not someone you would build a team around. Taylor - Awful since his return but he's on a long contract. So keep. Oyeleke - Get rid. A liability. Has the ability but clearly not up to the physical demands of professional football. Hurst - Keep. Has a lot of improving to do but there's something there to work with. Worrall - Keep. Our best player clearly. By a distance. Still think he should score a few more goals though. Amoo - Get rid. Injury hit, and even when he's not he doesn't do enough often enough. Montano - Keep, more for sentiments than anything else. Another who can't seem to put a run of games together. Rodney - Keep. Frustrates everyone but should only get better. Has a first touch that could clear most Runways. Cullen - Get rid. Simply not good enough. Guthrie - Somehow manages to be just as poor as Theo Robinson. Bradford fans were absolutely bang on. Robinson - Get rid. We would be better off playing Anne Robinson. Hopeless again. Pope - Keep. Will still score goals at this level or the one below. Arguably our second best player still.
  5. Never implied that it was alright. But when you're relying on the likes of Robinson, Guthrie and Rodney to score goals and win you games, it doesn't matter what manager is in charge. You're not polishing a <ovf censored> and you're not getting blood from a stone. I didn't even want us to go near Clarke in the first place, but he's been up <ovf censored> creek without a paddle the first day he walked into the club.
  6. His record for us is obviously abysmal as of right now, but every game we've lost has been by one goal. As much as Pope's best days are behind him, had he been available we probably would have got 3 or 4 more points from Clarke's six games. He's also had to do without Oyeleke and Worrall for a couple of games. These are massive players for us. Take a few best players from any other side in the league at the same time and they would struggle. Keeping us in games is about the best he or anyone could do with the abysmal squad of players we have. John Askey has as good as ruined us with his recruitment last summer.
  7. I've sympathised with him all season as in an ideal world he wouldn't be close to starting just about every week, and he doesn't pick himself. I just want to see a bit of improvement with him, with his touch and knowing when to make runs. Still early days yet, but when he's bad he really does look like a fish out of water as a professional footballer.
  8. Rodney should change career and become a sprinter. If he's a footballer then I'm Gandhi reborn.
  9. Our forwards should be marched naked through the streets of Burslem, Game of Thrones style. "Shame. Shame. Shame." All of them are are a liability.
  10. We can employ as many staff with fancy names as we won't, but it ultimately won't mean much if the squad of players you have are an absolute shower. We need 70% of the squad moving on in the summer, regardless of what happens. We're a team full of players that are either injury prone, over the hill or simply not good enough.
  11. I wouldn't be screaming at all. I can have a negative opinion on a forum without also foaming at the mouth inside a football stadium. He's by no means a disgrace. He's just absolutely <ovf censored> at football, which is his living. If you do pray and he actually scores anytime soon then consider me converted. I'll spend every Sunday at Church whenever possible.
  12. They're both been amazing players obviously but I look forward to them both retiring, especially Messi. Haaland I love watching but it will be interesting to see how he does in a league that doesn't have a bunch of farmers running around with pitchforks, and playing for a club where there's genuine pressure. I have no doubts he'll score goals wherever he plays, but Tom Pope would score 15+ in Germany playing for Bayern or Dortmund even now. Anyway, much better from Liverpool last night. Completely dominated the current second best team in the Bundesliga despite how poor they have been domestically. Nat Phillips was tremendous.
  13. Just can't do his job you mean basically. He's one of the worst signings the club has made in recent times.
  14. True. But they were there for the taking tonight and quite simply we didn't, for all the positive play.
  15. I called out Worrall earlier on in the season for his shocking goal-scoring record and I'll always stand by that. A player of his ability in League Two should be scoring more goals. But when he's fit and plays he takes us up about 2 levels. Him and Pope's fitness are the key to us surviving.
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