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  1. I thought that myself. Also, the stadium is that big that despite looking relatively empty there was apparently either 30 or 50,000 there if I heard correctly during the commentary!
  2. Or not! Didn't realize it was the last over of the night haha. 99-3 isn't a bad effort but we're still behind the eight ball. Need to limit India to no more than 150 and than bat with a bit of sense and determination to actually keep your wicket.
  3. Kohli gone! Another couple more in quick succession please.
  4. Should be 91-3 here. Pope has left us right in the <ovf censored> dropping Kohli. He should be catching that 99 times out of 100. I think we've bowled pretty well all in all, it's just that India haven't been half as inept with the bat as we were.
  5. Desperately need a couple of wickets soon before they go past 100 if we're to have any chance in this test. We're not even threatening really so I can't see it happening.
  6. Yeah, we have a few with potential, but as of now we're miles away from the team we had not that long ago. Leach is decent but still massively inconsistent and bowls far too many bad balls. Obviously that's something that can change and hopefully it will.
  7. Good. Our mostly bunch of chancers and no hopers need upsetting. Far too many have been in a comfort zone at the club for too long.
  8. With Archer on they'll be past 50 in no time. He's a threat in regards to wickets but he doesn't have anything like the control of Anderson and Broad.
  9. And another wicket. Another 1 or 2 (preferably Kohli) before they reach 50 and we're back in it. Just as I type that, they hit a four. Brilliant!
  10. First wicket. Need a few more of those asap!
  11. In Test cricket we have a world-class bowling attack, in the right conditions, and a couple of world-class players in Root and Stokes. Then there's not a lot to write home about. We just don't have another Cook, Strauss or Swann.
  12. Part of our problem, and we have many, is that we rarely have our best players on the pitch. A fit Oyeleke and Amoo would make a world of difference for us but simply put they're both crocks, and for that reason should be shipped out this summer. Looking ahead to next season I think Brown, Gibbons and Worrall are the only players we have that we would say are ideal first teamers. Perhaps you can add Rodney and Conlon to that. The rest are a mixture of bang average, shocking and sick notes. Or simply past it, in regards to Legge and Pope.
  13. We won't even make 130. Absolutely shocking lack of discipline throughout the side. Once Root went it was inevitable. We need Jimmy to work his magic under the lights to get back in this game.
  14. England batting collapse imminent. We'll be all out for 130-150 soon enough.
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