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  1. Oh, and we desperately need a new left-back. I've played against better players than ours on a Sunday back in the day.
  2. Expected a reaction to the woeful Macclesfield display today and we didn't get it, and that's the most dissapointing thing. To be fair Stevenage have had a poor start to the season but they'll finish comfortably in mid-table, which is where we will finish, so it's not too much of a surprise to see two equally poor sides battling out a draw which was probably fair. But the last two games have been Aspin-esque in terms of both results and performances, and a few of our players look jaded already.
  3. We have three proper wingers, we need to start being brave enough home and away to play with two of them, and even more so if you're going to start with Pope. Today should have been Worrall and Amoo on the flanks with Burgess and Taylor ahead of Joyce looking to support Tom at every opportunity . For me it's either Joyce or Atkinson in midfield, not both. Today was all set up to be a very positive day. Big away following, and a win would have put us just outside the play offs going into a home game at Vale Park. And of course, as always, despite the good start we completely bottled it. And by we I mean the players and manager.
  4. Woeful. Askey bottled it today. Should be fined a months wage. Crookes is stealing a living as a footballer. He's as bad as Craig James only he's playing at an even lower level.
  5. Can't believe we're doing alright so far and starting to score goals and all of this without Cullen contributing anything. I genuinely thought our season, what we do, would largely depend on how good he is for us and how many games he's fit enough to play.
  6. Suddenly we look pretty good in the middle of the park all of a sudden! Atkinson will be stellar there with his composure and know how. Joyce is a player under Askey. Young Taylor is very promising and will only get better. Burgess has a bit about him too. It's a shame about Oyeleke being so injury hit as we know how good he can be. But I don't see how Conlon will get back in to be honest and I've got nothing against the lad - He always works hard and has the odd pearler from outside the box in him.
  7. Pope will still score goals a few years down the line if you have players around to do the running for him. Slow start today and took us a while to get going. Yes, they having a player sent off helped our cause, but how many times in the past have we played against 10 men and looked almost clueless? Solid win and performance with more to come from the team. A win away to Macclesfield next week and we'll be around the play-off positions with a lot to look forward to. Great stuff.
  8. Aspin almost ruined him, the clueless twonk.
  9. Oyeleke would probably get injured if he knelt down to tie his boots. He's a liability.
  10. With the players they have they are going to turn a corner at some point. We definitely dropped below the standards we've been setting ourselves at home today no doubt. But they are a good side on paper if nothing else and to nick a point when you're miles off it on the day and without a couple of your best players, that's no bad thing. We desperately need Amoo and Oyeleke back in the side though.
  11. We're not good enough in midfield with injuries to ever play 4-4-2. I hope Askey learned a lesson today. Pope is now an impact sub player and Lloyd should be playing Sunday league football.
  12. Why is it? They had a better team out there today than we do, despite their poor start, and will finish higher in the league than we will. They are still one of the better sides in League Two, and we won't win every home game we play.
  13. We were gash today but at least fought to the very end. We have a best 11 to match any side in the league but a few injuries literally ruins us.
  14. I thought we largely did about as well as expected tonight against one of the top two or three sides in the league. Let's not forget we were without our two best players, Oyeleke and Amoo, and also Gibbons, who has been excellent this season so far. Take two or three of your best players away from any side in this league and it will make a massive difference. With those three in the 11 I genuinely think we would have got something from this game. Exeter deserved to win but they left the field knowing they've been in a game. Now we must bounce back on Saturday at fortress Vale Park against Mansfield.
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