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  1. Good game this afternoon. Though United did as well as they can be expected to with the team and squad they have. Liverpool could and should have scored 5 or 6 but they didn't and United were always in the game until almost the last kick. He rarely gets a mention but Wijnaldum was unbelievable today. Henderson was excellent too, as was Van Dijk, but I expect that level of performance every week from those two.
  2. I don't agree with it being overrun but I'm not going to argue that Joyce deserves to keep his place.
  3. All this talk about Amoo - There's a reason why he plays in League Two. Consistency. He blows hot and cold - If he blew more hot than cold he would have been playing a league or two higher up in his career. It's that simple. He'll have quiet spells and will frustrate a lot, but he's a threat. Other teams will worry about him and make plans to try and deal with him.
  4. Don't know who it was earlier in the thread that said the game could have gone either way, but he watched a different game to myself. At 1-0 you're always a bit nervous going into the last 10 minutes no matter who you're playing, but today a win by two or three goals would have been fully deserved. Cullen just needs a run of games and he'll be different gravy for us. We all love Tom Pope, but we're a better footballing side without him. That's not a slate on him as a footballer himself whatsoever, but his strengths mean that all too often we lump it forward early hoping he can make something of it against what is usually two 6 foot something lumps that have haggis for breakfast. There's a little bit of McPhee about Cullen although not on his level of course. Secondly, imagine how good we'll be potentially when we have Taylor and Oyeleke back in the side? The below starting 11 excites me a lot, and I've not been the slightest bit excited for a Port Vale team for a long time now. Not saying that we should drop Joyce and not start with Pope some games... Horses for courses and all that. But for me this could be our strongest starting 11 on paper. Brown Gibbons Smith Legge Montano Oyeleke Burgess Taylor Worrall Amoo Cullen Which brings me to Scott Burgess. I expected nothing from him when he joined and though he would probably play a handful of games for the club in the Cups and probably be gone by January. He's like a Doug Loft in that he brings bags of energy to the midfield, and with Taylor our we really needed his legs today, and he more than played his part. Terrific stuff from him and the rest of the boys, and the gaffer himself.
  5. Be nice to win by a few, but I expect another tight affair. In this league more than any other sides can drag you down to their level, especially when playing on their own pitch. Most games are battles, fortunately for us with the likes of Legge, Smith and Gibbons in the side, along with the best keeper in League Two, we're able to compete regularly under Askey, while also being able to more and match the better teams that try to play more football. The one thing that has only really let us down at times this season is a lack of concentration when winning games.
  6. The next couple of games will be a real battle. For some reason some people expect to beat sides at or near to the bottom of the table 4 and 5 nil, and while this can happen on a good day, more often than not it's a scrap for the 3 points and any sort of complacence usually gets you found out. Our better performances this season have come against the better sides in the league, teams that don't just sit back and actually try to play a bit of football. A few might want 3 or 4 but I'd take a 0-1 victory over Morecambe all day long.
  7. Christ, you sound cheerful. We were average at best in a poor game, but we won. We'll play better and lose in the future no doubt. All that matters is the three points.
  8. We did what decent sides do, which was to grind out a perhaps somewhat fortunate win when you're miles away from being at your best. Liverpool did the same thing today away to Spurs, not so much gound it out as they were much the better team, but they got the 3 points despite not being anything over than a 7 out out of 10 collectively. Stevenage are a horrible side but at home I should imagine they make it tough for any side in the league. Don't care how we win at the moment just as long as we do, especially away from Vale Park.
  9. Typical Pope goal, brilliant header and bit of movement to get across his marker, but that cross was an absolute peach and Amoo should do a bit more of that. But we're lucky to have Tom Pope and he'll deserve to have a stand named after him once he's retired.
  10. I don't see why a big deal was made in regards to Pope's comments about John Stones. It's not like he said he was crap. He basically complimented him on being a good player but someone that can be got at physically, which is bang on the money. At his best Stones is an elegant defender and lovely to watch, but he can also be a bit powderpuff at times and can certainly be roughed up. That's not to mention the obvious which is he has a mistake in him.
  11. Our goal was the goal of the game. Some decent passing, a nice bit of old school wing play and then a belting header from the club legend himself. Shame the second half chance that Conlon put wide with his head didn't fall to Pope also as that would have been in the net.
  12. Askey has done an outstanding job so far. Anyone that doesn't see that is clearly a bit on the simple side.
  13. Brilliant effort, Feared the worst when I saw their starting 11 so would have taken 4-1 all day long Foden is class act and I'm so glad he's English as he's going to be a massive player for club and country in the coming years. By far the best player on the pitch. He also really went out of his way after the game to pat all of our lads on the back too with a big smile on his face.
  14. Yeah, get Aspin back. Then we can be in losing positions in games much more often than not.
  15. I think most would agree that they are decent, and many would agree they are better than there current league positions suggests they might be. On the evidence of the two games against us I'd have a handful of there players.
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