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  1. Shout out to the 500 Carlisle fans who travelled to Sutton yesterday. !!
  2. Well that was easy. (third week I have said that) Let's see what the Orient throw at us.
  3. You are correct however a drive from Market Drayton to pick a ticket up will most likely cost me more than two quid so glad we have the choice unlike at Swindon..
  4. At Northampton we were stopped from taking sweets into the ground and at Swindon they put a tag on my bag, I asked why and the steward said its club policy. !! Bonkers.
  5. We took 233 to Swindon on a Saturday. Hopefully take 350 to Scunthorpe. Let's see if we take 738 to Harrogate ?
  6. I don't get this "micky mouse outfit"? they are who they are, they are punching above their weight. Like it or not Morecambe, Forest Green, Sutton, Fleetwood, Salford, etc are here to stay. If Oldham or any established EFL club brought 123 then we would all agree with you. Credit to the Harrogate fans for travelling.
  7. Christ there was no agenda from my part. Seen alot of changes in 50 years they were just 4 names that came to mind for a Sunday morning chat, not a crucifixion. Lol
  8. Just a thought...Brown v Covlan? Pope v Wilson? Benning v Montano? Johnson v Brisley? Thoughts.?
  9. Just back. Enjoyed the night, In spells we made them look stupid but a couple of errors cost us. Really like Cass he just loves carrying the ball and had loads of energy. Gibbo was Gibbo and Amoo took his goal well. Home in an less than an hour so off to bed...
  10. No...Actually helps with getting home a bit earlier!
  11. Having a trip up on a school night so my lad can tick that ground off.
  12. I will say for the 4th time, I don't see where we score enough goals to be a top 7 side.
  13. Just back. Keeper solid when he stays at home. Dan Jones MOM. I will say it again don't see currently how we will score enough goals. Oh also think Legg should have started at Northampton not put a foot wrong.
  14. Fan Zone starts at 12.30 get all the newbie kids down there.
  15. Not sure Tranmere are travelling in numbers although they were slating Warsaw for taking 1200 to Prenton Park. ! 450 Tranmere and 5999 gate.
  16. Just back. Amazingly I posted how poor we were as Amoo was warming up. !! Miles better last half hour and more confident about Saturday.
  17. God knows I am expecting a pretty long queue from about 7pm though. !!
  18. Last resort is you can still get a good old fashioned ticket before kickoff, just be mindful it could be very busy..
  19. Just back, hope the elderly gentleman who collapsed and knocked himself out hitting the pavement makes a full recovery. Luckily it appears he was in the queue for tickets about 5 infront of either an off duty paramedic or nurse who reacted very quickly.
  20. Good following, weather stayed dry, deffo sending off (just seen it on tv) Wilson miss was crazy from 3 yards out, don't see where we will score enough goals, just seen the 3 clubs who took over 1000 fans away all lost..Typical.
  21. 1063 sold 900 for behind the goal and 163 on the side. Another 237 left before a complete sell out.
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