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  1. Very good, Alfie. I'll have a pint of what you're drinking, please; it might help make me a bit more optimistic!
  2. ...and recent history tells us that the Board will listen to fans opinions and perhaps take notice of them because... (Answers in less than 100 words, please.)
  3. I've not read all the posts in this thread - surprisingly, even I've got better ways of wasting my time - but couldn't Adams join the Board thus making it legal, extend contracts, sign players, then simply resign? Sorry if this has already been posted or if it's just too simplistic to be possible.
  4. Tosh summed it up correctly; - two and a half years at Donny - 11 games - 2 goals - lots of long term injuries. Good player for us previously. Now... No thanks.
  5. Contracts don't run out until the end of June anyway, so perhaps Owen has rejected this offer in the hope of receiving a better one in the coming weeks. He will certainly need to keep his fingers crossed if he is expecting this Board to come up trumps! Players usually like to keep their options open as long as they can (Loft and Yates?) as they tend to think they are better than they actually are, and therefore likely to be in demand. Having watched our team this season... well, let them dream.
  6. ... I know a few people who would rather go to Atlantis in Burslem than to Vale Park! Much more entertaining - apparently! And they would probably sue for lost 'trade' if anyone came up with that choice for Vale Park.
  7. No, we haven't improved since Gannon left... that's obvious by looking at the points gained and the performances. However, I for one didn't really expect the quality to suddenly improve; this bunch of players don't have anywhere near enough quality. MA got these to the top end of a poor division by organising them properly, playing to their limited strengths and making sure that if we did score, it would be enough to get us at least get us 1 point. Gannon's ideal of playing carpet football (Arsenal, Barcelona etc) was very laudable but totally impractical with these talentless players in Div.4 And with Grew in charge and helping select the retained list... we will have no chance next season. Big changes MUST be made.
  8. Sent mine back tonight - added a letter saying that Mr Deakin is at liberty to ring me if he wants to know the reasons why I will NOT be renewing my ST while this Board are still in control. Told him that I would reconsider my decision when all the present Board have left. Several fans may well have just binned them in disgust; could I urge everyone who does not wish to renew for the same reasons as me, to fill in their name and address, row and seat number, and then write across the bottom, payment part, in black felt pen 'NOT WHILE THE PRESENT BOARD REMAIN IN CONTROL.' This will give a clear message as to why people are not renewing (just in case they are still in doubt!)
  9. Not sure if it's a thriving commercial department or a generous investor/benefactor at Chesterfield, but we had a good chat to two Spireite fans before the game last Saturday. They told us that Lester was on £6,500 a week and that Davies was on 'slightly less,' and were adamant that this was true. If that's the case, it's not surprising they're streets ahead of us and the rest of this league.
  10. Sorry, Platty, brought up a (very) long time ago on decent ales - wouldn't touch gnat's p*ss Carling!
  11. On one of Birmingham City's fans' forums, they were incredibly glad to see him gone. Rumours were that he walked before he was pushed, and words such as 'vile,' and 'cnut' were used to describe him. I suspect we need to wait and see...
  12. I HAVE A DREAM, You are correct in saying that if I attended more than half the home games i would indeed be 'handing' the club more money than if I purchase a ST. However, as I will not be attending home matches while the present Board remain in control, this will not happen. I refuse to help prop this Board up. Instead, my money will be used to have many entertaining away days with my mates - I'm even hoping for away draws in the cups! However, should the club be under new ownership next season or further down the line (Mo or someone else) I will then reconsider the ST situation.
  13. The lad in the ticket office who sold me 5 tickets for Chesterfield seemed surprised when I questioned why he needed my name, address and postcode. And even more surprised when I told him that I'd like my details removed from the database, and that I definitely wouldn't be buying a ST next season! STARVE THE 'BASKETS' OUT!!!
  14. Needs a really heavy watering and a good rolling (with a steamroller!) to flatten out all the bumps. Far too 'bobbly' at the moment...players can't receive the ball with any confidence and can't run with it either.
  15. Not sure how likely a points deduction is for Torquay, but there are a lot of teams chasing the 4 play-off spots... and we are not one of the form teams at the moment. Goals win games, and we don't score 'em! At least nowhere near enough.
  16. ...and I'm definitely not a Grew fan either! Wouldn't want him as manager and don't rate him as a goalkeeping coach either. So there!
  17. Boothroyd has stated that he doesn't want to get back into management till next season and our Board's controlling influence (Jackson) has said we won't be appointing anyone till at least the end of this season as Grew will be in charge till then. Boothroyd will no doubt be looking round during May to see where vacancies are cropping up; though I have no doubt that if a 'big' club offered him their manager's job, he would take it immediately!
  18. Vale fan in Alsager's Avatar Join Date: Apr 2010 Posts: 516 Lets aim for 2nd place. "I C no reason whatsoever why we cannot finish 2nd" Unfortunately I side with Beechy on this one; after the last few weeks, I can't see any reason why we would finish 2nd! To win at Torquay, Chesterfield or Stevenage is possible, but to win at all of them is the height of optimism! And after the last few home results, what makes anyone think we will win all those? 2nd place - theoretically possible yes. In practice - not a prayer.
  19. Unpredictable as this division may be, I feel it is totally predictable that Vale won't win 6 of their remaining games!
  20. I've sent his CV to Rotherham in the hope they employ him. Hopefully, he then ***** them up, thus helping Vale to finish in the final play-off position just above them!
  21. A sensible idea, Southport Vale, therefore one that our Board won't take up! It would cost them money which they're now saving to pay off Gannon, and with only 9 games left, they wouldn't think it worth it! Barnet have taken up your suggestion though - they have given Martin Allen the job till the end of this season to see if he can keep them up. Send them a bill for plagiarising your idea!!!
  22. Rico 'probably the best striker?' At present, he is 7th in the top 20 leading goalscorers for this season in our Division. Of that top 20, only 3 have scored less goals from open play than Marc, leaving 16 who have scored more from open play than he has. Having said that, I don't wish to discount the importance of the penalties that Rico has scored. And we'd be right in the old s-h-one-t without him!
  23. Personally I think Gannon's agent will be at Vale Park early this week negotiating his pay off. When they know the figure involved, the Board will have to decide whether they can afford it. Or whether they can afford not to pay it; let's face it, if Gannon stays, the lack of season ticket sales will cost Vale far more than paying him off.
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