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  1. "I also very much hope that Sam Hornby extends his contract. He has been a model professional at Port Vale and I am convinced that he has a long successful career ahead of him. I would understand if he decided that trying to oust Scott Brown was a step too far and looked elsewhere, but I really hope he stays.! (Essex Vale ) I too, hope he stays with us, but unfortunately have heard a very strong rumour that he will choose to leave in his quest for regular 1st team football. He is certainly good enough for League 2 football.
  2. I'm sure many Vale fans have kept their eye on their progress and success this season, and their well-deserved promotion gives us a London weekend away to look forward to. Let's face it, we weren't that far off swapping places with them! As the writer suggests, the tedious tripe we have to endure on a regular basis, makes the successful days/seasons all the more enjoyable and worth celebrating.
  3. ... I'll go with the drubbing theory, sorry Fosse. Not seen enough from the players lately to suggest otherwise.
  4. The persistent rumours that one of our players has actually failed a drug test could be either confirmed or denied by a statement from the Club. However, the total lack of any official statement means that rumours spread easily. The old saying that 'when facts are scarce, rumours abound' is perfectly true. By the way, what is the nature of the injury that Gibbons has picked up, that keeps him out of the 18 man match day squad and out of the reserve games? Must be a serious one.
  5. I haven't read all of this thread, and probably won't, having watched that shower of sh*** yesterday, but I got the distinct impression that we didn't even try to win this match. Ruining Macc's 'Sir John' reputation by (possibly) helping to send them down didn't seem to be on the agenda.
  6. True. Sounds like at least half a barrel full of bad apples by the sound of it.
  7. ...can we have 'an idiot' who gets us promoted please?
  8. ....and if you did, they would obviously be on a huge wind-up mission. No-one else even came close, and anyone else would surely have been too embarrassed to accept it.
  9. Perfectly true. I suspect that Tuesday May 7th - after the last match and the 1st working day after the Bank Holiday weekend - is the favourite date for the 'big announcement.'
  10. Miller or Pope to start on Saturday... hmmm, Daddy or chips?
  11. "Howkins also should be retained. Might help any attempts to sign him up if he's playing." Agree with this. If it boils down to Legge or Howkins for next season, I'd rather it was Howkins. So keeping him 'happy' and continuing to integrate him into the team might just help swing his desire to sign our way.
  12. "Id even consider Gibbons in a role as the driving midfielder if anyone at it in there isnt at it as he as a drive in him which centrally id like to see as i think theres a goal or two in him." (V f in A) Surprisingly, I would agree with you on this - and it's not that often I agree with your views!! And I would certainly put him there rather than Kay if Manny got injured again.
  13. I've always assumed that ALL income streams go into various accounts/businesses controlled/owned by Smurthwaite. I don't think I'm wrong - please note the word 'think.' -conferences -wedding receptions -funeral wakes -Surestart rent -speeding courses -food/catering -brewery/drinks contract -club shop rental -merchandise profit -advertising boards -scoreboard 'adverts'(birthdays/deaths/anniversaries etc) -away coach travel monies -programme sales -gate money -executive box rentals ... and any other way our beloved leader (NOT) can make money from the club and fans. It has always been very noticeable that he continually tells us how much he has to put in for running costs/wages/transfers etc. but he NEVER tells us how much he makes/takes out of the club via the above mentioned income streams.
  14. ..."or there's something dodgy going on." Surely not? Really? I find it incredibly difficult to believe that our tosser-in-chief would do anything underhand... NOT. Latest odds - nothing dodgy going on.... evens -something dodgy going on 500-1 on. Unfortunately, the bookies have closed the betting as they felt there was too much money going on at 500-1 on. Apparently everyone was 'in the know.'
  15. ... if all the fans at this Saturday's game donated £1 to buy the club, I'd donate the other tenner. That is about what our club is realistically worth under Smurthwaite.
  16. ... whereas you seem to feel that being 'nice' to him would work. Bearing in mind his attitude towards the fans, his hopeless football decisions, his stubborn refusal to pay the going rate for an experienced manager or players, his role in getting rid of Page and some players, the blatant untruths that he has told etc, I have to disagree with the premise that it would work out favourably for the Vale.
  17. Would Vale get more from Norman by making some sort of peace? NO, any 'peace treaty' would simply mean he would be able to keep doing what he's been doing for years now - making awful football decisions and running the Club down - without getting the well-deserved flak from the fans.
  18. Should Vale cease to exist (abhorrent to us fans, but not to NS) how long would it be before the council cancel the covenant - with Smurthwaite's blessing? Would the thought and sight of yet more land being unused and becoming derelict sway them towards this outcome?
  19. For those who seriously doubt the wisdom of the decision to postpone today's game, I hear our beloved (NOT) owner has arranged special tours of the ground and pitch at 11am/12pm/1pm/2pm/3pm... 1. Entrance fee... £1 but rising by £1 each hour so that it will be £5 at 3pm. 2. Drinks will be available - usual tepid tea/coffee £1.50 3. Pies - lukewarm centre and cold, rockhard crust £2.50. Hot pies, like we get everywhere else, are £3.00. That's if there are any left after 11.30. 4. Heated cushions for those daft enough to want to sit in their seat for a few nostalgic minutes...£1.00 for each 5 minutes. 5. Crampons can be hired if you wish to climb up to the back of the Railway Stand. Not needed, but any thing to make money, hey. 6. A chance to meet some of our new players £5.00. £1 returned for each one you can recognize - maximum returns limited to £1. 7. A chance to fill that vacant spot on our subs bench... £10 ...£20 if you actually get brought on. 8. A raffle will take place to determine our next manager...£5 per tkt, though a rumour still persists that each tkt will have D.Pugh's name on it 9. Ski hire to get you back down Hamil Rd to the pubs in Burslem £10. hand the skis back in at the Bulls Head. Bob will know what to do with them, but any leftover skis can be shoved up our owner's fat backside for an extra £5. 10. Your whole experience (good or bad) will be recorded and will be available on CD for just £10.99. If you want your CD to include last Friday night's shenanigans in lurid detail, that will of course be an extra £10. Oh sorry, I forgot to mention that all proceeds will go in the owner's back pocket, right next to those spare skis. Enjoy.
  20. .... I thought Streete had already left after his training/trial period with us?? Have I missed something?
  21. I thought NS offered Askey less than he was on at Macc, which didn't go down too well with Askey, so NS moved on with Aspin? With Aspin allegedly on 40 odd grand a year and John Sheridan reportedly on £120,000 + bonuses at Chesterfield, NS has his work cut out to attract an experienced manager as they are going to want somewhere nearer Sheridan's reported salary than Aspin's. Hence NS won't even be looking at experienced managers.
  22. It is - an old nursery school, I think.
  23. ... he probably has.... and it will no doubt be as cunning and useful as one of Baldrick's.
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