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  1. Fully appreciate your comments & things take time!
  2. The Club have come a long way in a short space of time however, this capacity thing needs sorting as it ultimately costs the club money! Easy for me to comment without the facts I know! Again, with little knowledge, why wasn’t a decision taken & broadcasted that Lorna Street St holders could change to Bycars for free?
  3. Only a few pay on the day in Lorna St anyway so not counting non attending St Holders contributed to lower home attendances
  4. I agree it would be good to know! I reckon around 300 or more Lorna street St holders missed the game yesterday due to not wanting to sit in the sun!
  5. I have had official word from the club that just Bycars left as quoted earlier paddock has disappeared from ticket site
  6. Already a paddock season ticket holder for many years but thanks
  7. Plenty of room on the bycars as usual let’s hope it fills up!
  8. If not system failure, if so needs sorting as most people will think that
  9. The Railway Padfock had disappeared of the ticket booking?
  10. He has to start against Bolton with Proc & Massey even if the latter only lasts a half!
  11. Just rang the ticket office, tickets available on the day walk up to the office, need your postcode or another proof of identity. 9000 + home tickets sold roughly 2000 left. 9000 + 2200+ 2000 = 13200 that’s our allowed current capacity!
  12. Can you pay on the day, walk up an hour prior to kick off & get a ticket?
  13. Just a thought however, we had just over 9000 against Newport with 300 in the Hamil. That’s a lot of seats to be sold in other sections if Hamil is sold out!
  14. Well Done Sir! Hope all other ST Holders are as determined!👍
  15. I think it was Hartlepool’s goalie who took the pelting of snow!
  16. As stated previously, this team deserve our support, early, TV or weather let’s be there! It’s obvious, points will be dropped at some point however, hoping for another win don’t forget it’s Walsall around the corner another big game!
  17. Get to the park people & support the boys to victory!
  18. Pack the Park! Let’s show our support & appreciation for the great viewing over the last few weeks! Less empty seats on show the better!
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