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  1. I think the signings so far have, apart from maybe the goalies, been good and improvements on last year. I had thought though, that given such a drastic (lack of) retained list, we'd have had key players identified and it is slightly concerning that we're scratching around at a relatively late juncture.
  2. Jack Hunter? Ex Newcastle United youth player? Looks like him but online stats make him a strange choice to invite for a trial. https://images.app.goo.gl/yLS9fgA9PV75qAMv8
  3. Post of the day ^that^ If there's not a yellow box round it by team time I will despair.
  4. Was going to say Justin O'Reilly as I'd always thought we'd got him or sold him to an Irish club or that he was Irish but turns out he's from Derby and never played over there.
  5. I'd hoped that, especially with a key player such as Brown being released, we had replacements lined up or at least identified. Seems prudent to do so. I'm wondering now that training's started if that's the case.
  6. The players only "needed to go" if we subsequently get better ones to replace them. We'll see.
  7. Increasingly suspect that the clear out of some of the players was bit of dick-swinging rather than a carefully planned exercise.
  8. It's difficult, especially as preferred terms sometimes change. My nan used to say it was mean to call 'them' black, you should call them 'brownies'! Like with Davebrad there was no intention to denigrate, dismiss or offend, but as IC says there are now lots of places online to find out what's currently the preferred term. As an aside, I wonder why there are disproportionately significantly fewer black goalkeepers.
  9. Shame that everyone's so preoccupied with the Euros that they're missing out on some CONCACAF gold. Feel physically sick for that keeper.
  10. I spoke to Alex Williams a couple of times when he was working with (Manchester) City in the Community. Nice bloke who still kept an eye out for our results. Said Horton was really bitter about the way he left the club.
  11. What's that got to do with anything? Don't try to deflect from your own scummy behaviour.
  12. But you still welshed on a bet when the money was going to the family of one of our players who had tragically died. Pretty shameful. This has nothing to do with your ban.
  13. Cheers. I found it tricky to find who we'd signed or the reaction to them when I hadn't been on the forum for a couple of days but see your reasoning.
  14. Can we start individual threads for new signings or do people prefer everything in here?
  15. Thanks for all your hard work Rob. Where are the threads on recently signed players? Are they just in the transfer rumours thread?
  16. Have we ever had a Brad in the main squad before? I know we had at least one Bradley but can't recall a Brad.
  17. Bit disappointed tbh. I thought we'd be going for quality this year but this guy doesn't seem to be any better than those we got rid of. Career stats aren't great either. Guess he'll be back-up for whoever we bring in as first choice. Hope to be proven wrong though.
  18. Thinking back to the days when if you were an exile, you had to rely on 0800 telephone lines for transfer rumours. Remember the guy whose house I lived in getting off holiday and opening a phone bill that included well over a hundred quids worth of calls to the Vale Clubcall.
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