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  1. But he's Mad Cov! He's a legend who wastes time and does crazy things at penalties!
  2. Can we keep the thread to paying respect to David Amess please. Am not a moderator but I think if you want to start discussing Rayner's comments and the killer's alleged nationality, the thread may become rather more fraught and less respectful.
  3. Millwall fans are known for their distaste of hypocrisy and knowledge of Marxism.
  4. Yep, all these Hungary fans are marching against hypocrisy.
  5. I'm not sure that's actually true, is it? I'm too full of cold to properly delve in to it but first thing I saw when googling said I always believed it was explicitly anti-racism.
  6. Fair enough, that's your opinion. Boo away, just like the thugs at Wembley last night, and the boneheads who booed the English team taking the knee throughout the Euros. They're the people you choose to side with, fill your boots.
  7. There you go Davebrad. See those scumbags in the crowd at Wembley last night? The ones who, like you, boo players who take the knee? That's you, that is. That's who's on your side. That's who you choose to stand with.
  8. That's 'replaced' as in substituted after 52 minutes, rather than replaced in the starting line up. No idea who he was.
  9. I'm increasingly of the opinion that the parties, with a few notable exceptions therein, are rotten to the core. Why is it ok for people who donated large sums of money to the conservatives to then quickly be given peerages. Why would Labour MPs, people who earn around 85k a year, be accepting 'funding' from the gambling industry? What kind of Labour MP would be a landlord and think that's acceptable?
  10. You slagged Legge to <ovf censored> last season. Last week you were saying we were doomed because we couldn't score. Your posts are so full of <ovf censored>.
  11. Maybe you shouldn't be spending half the game snorting whatever you can shove up your nose and get behind the lads like the rest of us.
  12. Going from the players' reactions in that video Carol shared, Politic is a really popular player in the dressing room. Seems like a nice lad.
  13. Also, as an aside, is anyone finding that the forum is loading really slowly this past week? I'm guessing RobF might be a bit preoccupied at the moment so won't flag it up with him just yet...
  14. Probably already been noted but has anyone else notice how (their) Smith took a little detour after their first to wind up Dan Jones for the og? Really snide little thing to do .
  15. Dugouts through the ages, please Rob.
  16. I doubt the thousands lining the streets and attending rallies were all members. Even if a significant proportion of them were, they're still the electorate and contributed to the biggest Labour vote surge since the 1930s. I'll say it again as you don't seem to be taking it in, under our most left wing leader in decades, we got our biggest vote increase since the 1930s. So, with respect, you can take your 'the electorate don't want a left wing party' guff and shove it. I also canvassed during the last election and out of maybe 1000 doors that I knocked on, there were about 5 that gave Corbyn as the reason for not voting Labour. Brexit was a much bigger reason. Then again, I lived in one of the few areas that saw Labour increases so that may be atypical.
  17. Don't think your opening sentence is true. Certainly in the UK, I have never seen a leader of a political party get the response and the crowds that Corbyn got in 2016/17. When was the last time you got crowds at festivals and football grounds singing (positively) about a politician? We may have lost to an unpopular PM but that doesn't explain the unprecedented vote surge that Labour got in 2017. We'd have done even better if the filth in our own party weren't conspiring against us. As long as people keep saying that a left wing Labour will never get near power, we'll have to keep using that example. In a way, I wish we hadn't proved that there was an appetite for socialism. At least then it would be easier to accept that there's nothing to fight for.
  18. The Guardian were sticking the boot in to Corbyn from the off. https://twitter.com/i/status/1283417739638562816
  19. Why was one of our biggest ever vote surges under Corbyn then? Why do Socialist policies poll so well? Why are we doing worse under Sir than under a left-wing leader? Please show your workings. The voting public came very very close to electing Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister, far closer than they did with Brown, Miliband and, I suspect, Starmer.
  20. Christ, this is getting boring. Labour, with its most revolutionary manifesto in decades came within a whisker of winning in 2017. They got their biggest vote surge in an absolute age. What Momentum and the left wanted made Labour electable again. I suspect that 2017 will be something that Sir Keir, the spineless lying incompetent milquetoast, can only dream about. Even in 2019, the policies were very popular. What we'd give now for nationalised energy companies. Whatever Corbyn's faults are, he certainly wouldn't have said 'let the bodies pile up in their thousands'. Whatever you think of John McDonnell, he wouldn't be removing the £20 UC uplift from some of the most vulnerable in society, we wouldn't have to have a <ovf censored> footballer acting as the opposition and the PM taking a private jet to Cornwall to discuss climate change.
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