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  1. Opposition scored 3 for us during October. Seems an unusually high number. Is it just a fluke or does our style of play mean that ogs are more likely?
  2. Just looking at Stockport's game against Dover on Saturday, there were 3 ex Valiants on the scoresheet (Ben Williamson, Scott Quigley and Ben Whitfield). Anyone remember a game with more?
  3. I'm sure he can order a new one if she leaves him.
  4. GOAL - Wycombe Wanderers 2 (Ryan Tafazolli 90+7') Crewe Alexandra 1 😃
  5. Seeing as someone decided to delete my initial post, I'll repost along with an explanation for dummies. Any mod fancy giving an explanation why it was deleted? Thought not. The reason I called the people opposing the gesture (ie the Hungarian fans) 'scum' and 'racist' is because they are racist scum. If you care to read the post that was being referred to, I was talking about the Hungary fans who booed the taking of the knee, not any specific poster on here. In the now-deleted post I pointed out that the Hungary fans have actually been kicked out of their stadium for 3 games, specifically because of racism. So, rather than calling some Vale fan who booed the knee 'racist' or 'scum', I was referring to the people taking the same stand as him. The link I posted above explains in more detail how vile the Hungarian ultras (the ones who were booing the knee recently) are. No rule broken, absolutely no reason to delete, but there you go. No surprise. Absolutely <ovf censored> pathetic.
  6. When does the very smart older white man start talking? I could only hear Jordan Peterson.
  7. The Carpathian Brigade: Who are Hungary's black-shirted ultras? | JOE.co.uk WWW.JOE.CO.UK
  8. Again, it has nothing to do with radicalisation and the death of Amess.
  9. I'm not upset. I just don't think that a gesture that, in recent history, was used by black people to explicitly show they were against racism, should be changed by others, especially a majority of whom are relatively privileged white people. If people came along and said that, I dunno, the poppy was now to show respect not just for those killed in wars but also for refugees who have died fleeing from wars, I would imagine that the Royal Legion might say 'hang on a minute'.
  10. Online abuse isn't particularly the cause of extremism, no. Did the murderer of David Amess have a social media presence? Was the man who murdered those poor children in Manchester affected by people calling Jess Phillips a cow on twitter? They're conflating two entirely separate things.
  11. Fair enough. Would still question whether it's right for them to change the original intention of the gesture. Also, looks like half of the trustees of KIO are white! Seems they've also changed their motto to incorporate all discrimination.
  12. What the <ovf censored> you talking about?
  13. To be fair, I'm not sure how the EFL can state that taking the knee is not now explicitly and specifically anti-racist. The knee started out, in recent history at least, as a gesture linked with BLM and I'm not sure if it's up to the football league and associated organisations (who are presumably mainly staffed by white men) to decide what it now stands for. It feels to me that they're trying to water down the message to appease the donkey brains.
  14. I was referencing one of the tedious <ovf censored> who were badmouthing him as soon as the team was announced.
  15. All thank to Lloyd getting knocked over by a gust of wind.
  16. Who was the player we signed, could have been Jamaican, think he complained about having to walk to Vale Park through deep snow. Totally forgotten his name.
  17. Really struggling to understand how the tragic death of an MP at the hands of what appears to be a religious fanatic has led to this...
  18. Please remember, there's lots to live for. You have no idea what's waiting for you around the corner. Looks like there'll be a promotion in the Spring to look forward to, at least. I bet your friends care about you and wouldn't want you to be feeling so down. If you are really struggling, people like The Samaritans might be worth a call. 116 123. Even if you don't feel that low, it might be a good idea to try and speak with your GP and ask for some help.
  19. It's a pretty grim time of year too, especially if you're feeling isolated. Do you have someone you can meet up and talk face-to-face with about this?
  20. Where does it say they're going to change the town's name?
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