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  1. Yeah, that's what I figured. Might start a new thread.
  2. Where are the rules that state that? I've looked on the EFL site and can find no such thing.
  3. Yep. Forget who it was on Saturday but I said at the time that the commentary was Partridge-esque. He went on a really petty little rant about people picking him up on crediting Taylor for the goal. He has that same peevish need to have the last word.
  4. WTF?! (Newport have signed Nicky Maynard.)
  5. Just been looking at the rules re squad lists and I can't see any mention of us not being able to re-register deregistered players. So am guessing we just need to decide to de-register 2 out of DTS, RCG, Pope, Visser, Legge, Cullen, McKirdy and Robinson. That's going by my maths though and I may have read the squad list wrong. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020–21_Port_Vale_F.C._season#Squad_statistics https://www.efl.com/-more/governance/efl-rules--regulations/section-6---players/ (Squad list rules come under 43.9)
  6. I think we have 24 'over-age' professionals on the books.
  7. I smiled Ray. I used to think you were a right shitbag because of the story that you scouted for Crewe whilst being employed by the vale. I was pretty rude to you about it, to be honest. But you politely and quietly put me right and since then I've had a lot of respect for you.
  8. I wonder if that's the reason why the 2 new lads are under the age cap? Any new manager would have the whole squad at his disposal and could decide whether to release/ pay up after he's had chance to assess them.
  9. I thought of you when we had to listen to the Scunthorpe commentators and they mentioned players queuing for a bus at a corner.
  10. As if we'd have advertised, he'd have applied and then been interviewed without terms being advertised or discussed.
  11. In my opinion, ideally, the signings (particularly the defender) should be experienced players, or if not, players for the future. These are neither. If they were signed pre-season, all well and good. But we're still looking anxiously at the bottom of the table and I don't think a defender whose sole experience of professional football is 70 minutes in a home defeat to a team a league below them is what's required. That ok with you? As I said, best of luck to whoever we sign.
  12. Don't think either of the mooted signings are what we need but good luck to both of them.
  13. Would prefer the new manager to be able to try and get Robinson firing rather than taking chances on young kids that we won't be able to sign permanently. Obvs wish him well if he does sign though.
  14. Nice of Radio Stoke to give Alan Partridge a chance at commentating.
  15. Getting Robbie Earle in as manager was Rudgie's long-term plan for when he retired. Obviously Bell ruined all that by sacking John.
  16. You were happy as Larry and your post history backs that up. There's nothing wrong with that, we all were. Even the bookies fancied us, I think. My point, that I'm not making very well, is that it's easy to call mistakes after the event. You can't guarantee that something will work out in football, there are no certs, everything is a calculated gamble. I mentioned the fans' general approval as people now seem to be saying that there were glaring errors made in the summer, and there weren't. Appointing Askey wasn't deemed a mistake last season, nor was it in the first part of the season. Yet now people are criticising Garlick for that appointment. Weighing up everything, there is no way of realising beforehand that Mills was going to be a disaster. Everything about the signing seemed positive. Now people are saying how stupid it was of Askey/ Carol/ CG to sign him. And so on.
  17. The problem in all this is that Colin Garlick doesn't have a crystal <ovf censored> ball. The recruitment processes and managerial appointments that so many are now decrying were lapped up by the majority on here in the close season and prior to that. The fans wanted Aspin; as much as I hate Smurtwaite, Aspo would have never got near the doors if it weren't for the fans wanting him in. On paper, and in practice until this autumn, Askey was a good appointment. People were pleased with the vast majority of the squad and I can't remember us going in to a season with such optimism since maybe 1993. You can't preempt what's happened since the Kings Lynn game and to try and lay blame for it is unfair.
  18. Some of our fans are absolutely <ovf censored> crackers.
  19. Games played is irrelevant. 16 is mid-table. Where is it? Bottom? Top?
  20. Really? No wonder his agent was furious.
  21. There is no "chaos", we've hit a rough patch. The rumour-mongers and people metaphorically running about, hysterically shrieking and wailing may make it look like that but things aren't the disaster that many are painting it to be. We still have probably the best owners in decades, we have a club to be proud of that is financially relatively stable and are currently mid-table. We have a caretaker manager who has so far got WDL and, when fit, a superior squad to the one that many were tipping for promotion. Having said that, I do think a Supporters Club Meeting would be useful at some stage, if only to counter the stupid <ovf censored> rumours and ridiculous over-reaction.
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