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  1. 1 hour ago, Beech said:

    In some games you need to start Legge, if he's available, and this always looked like one of them. I'd drop Cass for him, as decently well as Cass has done. It's not just Legge's aerial ability we badly miss, but also is leadership and organisational skills. He in turn also makes Smith far better.

    You slagged Legge to <ovf censored> last season. Last week you were saying we were doomed because we couldn't score. Your posts are so full of <ovf censored>.

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  2. 21 minutes ago, Doha said:

    Which they could easily do this very Saturday against Orient, a few yards from their seat by standing on the concourse. 

    But they don't because they can't take them to their seats or see the game from the concourse. I don't really mind either way but back when I was younger, I'd have definitely caned it at a few games if I could drink in my seat.

  3. They could do a really nice version of Port Vale Tales just with people recounting their personal encounters with JR. I honestly love the man more than the majority of my own relatives.

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