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  1. Can we just register new players or would someone need de-registering?
  2. There's a few listed here but not that many that I'd be too thrilled to see at the club. Free agents | Transfermarkt WWW.TRANSFERMARKT.CO.UK Jerome Sinclair's a decent age and has been round some good clubs but his record is dire.
  3. Yeah, 'cause you really care about racism, don't you?
  4. People should be able to comment on the performance without hysterically over-reacting and calling our captain a coward.
  5. Shove him on the ignore list, he never writes anything worth reading anyway.
  6. I would <ovf censored> love to see you go up to the guy in my office who has just lost his wife to Covid and describe it as "a fairly benign virus". You could go and tell my colleague who lost her mum to the virus too, after you'd picked your teeth up off the floor.
  7. When I listen to these two spanners... and compare it to this... it just feels so utterly devastating.
  8. Gibbons was one of our main attacking outlets yesterday, we'd instantly lose that if we had a flat back 4.
  9. May have missed this being mentioned but any idea what the applause was for around the 40 minute mark? Also, what was going on with those torches in the home end?
  10. Bizarrely, feel more optimistic after that than I ever have done after a defeat before. Our board, ground, management, squad, following are light years ahead. Also, Boundary Park is an absolute hovel. It's shameful how any self-respecting owner can let that happen to their ground
  11. If we're having to shunt midfield or bench players up front, Hurst in particular might be needed.
  12. It is to Boris "Let the bodies pile high in their thousands" Johnson. Better not call him a scumbag though as that's terribly poor form and well out of order.
  13. Is food and stuff discussed in here the remit of the stadium manager? I wonder if he'd be prepared to come on here or the supporters club meeting for a Q&A?
  14. At the moment, even when we do try and fill it, there's still so much room in there that there's no atmosphere. Try and fill it but maybe close the flanks, or top corners and it would make for a much better experience. Get a big flag back. Maybe even see if the rowdier people would consider decamping there for a cup game. It was only 25 or so years ago that the Bycars was the most jumping part of the ground.
  15. It'll be Manchester United on ITV next round too, even if they're playing someone like Southampton.
  16. If you want more noise, I think one solution would be to close off parts of the Bycars although it's probably the safest area of the ground, Covid-wise.
  17. I wonder about the food and drink, and how much more money would be made if quality or choice was improved. I might be unusual but I don't really buy food at any grounds as I have my lunch/ tea before heading to the match. This is me just guessing here but isn't the majority of food bought by people needing to soak up the ale or that have been in the pub for a while before the match? If so, would 'nicer' food actually do any better? If I've ever bought food at a ground, I've expected bland stodge and whilst seasoned wedges or homemade soup might sound nicer, I'm not so sure that it would be what people actually eat. Remember when Smurthwaite wanted to sell deli-boxes with goats cheese and sun dried tomato ciabatta or whatever?
  18. What's kept in the ground floor of the police box? I've always imagined it's cells for some reason. Anyway, seems a bit elaborate so turf the coppers out and use it as another snackbar or toilets. #DefundtheStaffsPolice. #ACAB.
  19. Yes, she is. At least we haven't got Jeremy Corbyn giving out free broadband. Phew. Well done everyone.
  20. I really wish you would stfu. Every <ovf censored> time. So predictable.
  21. Do you think? Maybe I'm missing something. As I say, I like him but if we're looking at League One, I think we should possibly be looking for better.
  22. The professionalism and decency is so evident throughout the club. Proudest I've felt since the Rudge era. Feel like handing out photocopies of this article to random strangers. I remember when my child was born thinking that I didn't really want them to support the Vale as the whole club seemed to be such a festering toxic mess. That seems so bizarre now. Feel quite emotional. Really like the look of joy on Covolan's face at Whitehead's penalty miss too.
  23. I like Politic but not sure we'd be getting value with him if we have to match Bolton's contract offer. Even when fully fit I don't think he's necessarily a guaranteed starter.
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