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  1. Another great game we don't need to be scared of anyone in this league another 3 points coming up [emoji41][emoji41]
  2. It's taken time to get the squad in the shape Clarke wanted but my god aren't we looking a different set of players now. Even after the set back of conceding on half time we came out no heads had dropped we kept going and got our rewards. We need to get conlon on a new contract ASAP he's looking so sharp and has got goals in him.
  3. Play the same as last night and we can win, it will be a totally different game I can see Colchester keeping it very tight and hitting alot of long Balls so we need to play like we did the first half move the ball quick close them down quick don't be scared have a shot from distance
  4. Cracking performance absolutely dominated first half with pace passion and some great movement. I feared the worst when Newport equalised but we changed the formation and got back a grip on Newport and got the deserved win. Hopefully we can follow this up on Saturday now
  5. The last 2 games we've created enough chances to win the games so hopefully Tuesday we can take 2 or 3 of them chances and get a much needed win
  6. Best performance since October just a Shame we haven't got a striker, wozza must have put in 6 top quality crosses that were begging to be finished. Conlon was so unlucky when he hit the post the keeper was rooted to the spot. Can we play like this 3 times in a week ? Considering Clarke saying players aren't fit enough
  7. Our strikers are bad but tbh the service they've been getting is garbage as well and it's got worse since Clarke came in and went to 5-3-2 they are so isolated and it's hard to score with a ball in an airplanes flight path
  8. Superb first half 2nd half we gave Grimsby way to much possession it was a relief when we scored the 3rd. It's a start and a huge improvement from the last 6 games but let's see how we do next Saturday against forest green
  9. First tough decision for the owners since they've taken over how long will they give him i wonder Bolton away Colchester home forest Green home then Walsall away before Xmas maybe till then and then get a manager in before the transfer window in January if results don't improve for askey.
  10. I can see everyone expecting Bolton to give us a right going over so I'm going to say Bolton 1 Port Vale 2
  11. Now they start to moan about losses when they've bragged for decades they can run with empty stadiums, my heart friggin bleeds. Fans have been let back in sport in France and Russia, clubs have worked so hard to put everything in place to get fans in its shocking to have it taken away so late on
  12. What a result that is and we can get better and better, plus the strength in depth we've got is superb. We can go with pace upfront or when pope comes back he can give us a physical presence and then bring the pace on after an hour or so we've got so many options it's looking good already [emoji108]
  13. I renewed on the payment plan and can't wait to get into the stadium I take it the finished part of the stand won't be used so around 4750 will be allowed in which is easily done. All I'd say is when we are been taken in please don't abuse anyone who's helping to try to get us in and out safely. Keep hearing about people getting some really bad abuse which is so wrong
  14. We will be fine in the stadium yes it will be very different you won't be able to sit in your normal seats or stand but as long as we can get back in Vale Park very soon I'd sit in the police box to watch the games lol
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