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  1. It's been a good improvement on the last 2 seasons in this league our home is brilliant just need to get a few results away and work on finishing games off not conceding after 90 minutes has cost us
  2. another tough game but we should be used to them now with the teams we've had to play already, we should go there full of confidence and take Exeter on lets just hope Saturdays efforts won't take its toll on the lads later in the game, fingers crossed for no more injuries
  3. well what can you say what a performance from the lads I think most us feared the worst when gibbo got booked after 10 minutes and then we had to use all our subs after 35 minutes, but what a 2nd half performance from the lads our fitness levels shone through and we were actually pressing Plymouth back till the final whistle, every player put in a cracking performance monty probably had his best half in a vale shirt even if he should have buried his chance to make it 2-0 but that's something we need to improve on being more clinical and putting teams to bed. lets hope archer amoo conlon and lewis aren't out for long. onto Exeter and hopefully another good result
  4. Seeing how West ham kids did on Wednesday I'd say pace will panic that Newport defence start with Worrall and amoo and have archer and browne on the bench for the last 30-35 minutes. Tough game but if we play how we have most of the time we can give anyone in this league a good game
  5. Changed players but not the tactics Cambridge were rubbish just put 7 players behind the ball at least we were trying to win the game they didn't have a single shot on target
  6. Is our central midfield strong enough to play 4 4 2 ?
  7. The best thing is we can improve as a team and sooner or later a team will get a right hammering
  8. Great win and first ever over forest Green in the league. 1st half we played some superb football but the best thing is we can still improve as a team. Bennett amoo Worrall monty were great upfront plus gibbo his only bad touch of the night it could have shot off in any direction but landed straight at their players feet but gibbo had a great game his cross for Bennetts goals was class and should have had a goal himself. The whole team performance was great. Just hope we don't keep picking up injuries
  9. We need to be more clinical when we are in control of the game we could or should have had 3 or 4 goals. Then it would take a silly mistake in injury time out the picture. You knew as soon as monty made the challenge he was going to go down for a free kick.
  10. in my opinion they played Worrall in that role because he will run and run and run he broke his nose after 5 minutes but still played the whole game, he can get back quicker than anyone else and like someone said his brake set up the goal, I gave legge man of the match but Worrall had a great game.
  11. different game to Salford as forest green like to pass it more so it might suit us better hopefully giving amoo and Worrall more space, we really need a win even though we aren't losing a wins will make a big difference to the confidence in the team
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