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  1. Superb first half 2nd half we gave Grimsby way to much possession it was a relief when we scored the 3rd. It's a start and a huge improvement from the last 6 games but let's see how we do next Saturday against forest green
  2. First tough decision for the owners since they've taken over how long will they give him i wonder Bolton away Colchester home forest Green home then Walsall away before Xmas maybe till then and then get a manager in before the transfer window in January if results don't improve for askey.
  3. I can see everyone expecting Bolton to give us a right going over so I'm going to say Bolton 1 Port Vale 2
  4. Everything about this year doesn't make sense we'd easily accommodate 4000 fans in Vale Park if all season ticket holders want to attend. But you can sit social distanced in an outside venue but it's OK for schools workplaces shopping etc etc to carry on which have been the biggest problem my Barber had to close and he'd put so much work into place to reopen and was strict with it incase he had a visit and was closed. I'm sure the owners and everyone at the club would do everything to keep us safe so just let us back in
  5. Our first shot on target against a team that's hadn't won in 2 months was after 81 minutes that's shocking take a win against a bunch of kids away we've 5 games 4 league and the FA cup and we are looking toothless upfront and poor in defence our play is so slow and predictable even teams like Stevenage look sharper and quicker than us
  6. Some very bad decisions from the ref today, but Joyce cost us the game with a very stupid challenge, with 11 players I'm sure we would have won, yes tranmere were having alot of possession but we were coping OK. The 10 men didn't do so badly it was just the last 6 minutes where the ref got that from god knows. Win on Tuesday and we move back up to joint 3rd so let's not be to down beat long way to go yet and we are in the mix [emoji41]
  7. What's happened with Mills ? Mills play right back and Clark could play left back
  8. Going to be interesting what askey does, we have won 3 out of 3 in the league even though the same 11 lost against Kings Llynn will he make changes or trust them to get back to winning ways. Cullen and mckirdy did great Tuesday, manny might be rested for Tuesday night against scunthorpe.
  9. Very enjoyable game end to end we created loads of chances Liverpool had a few good players who could do a job in our league
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