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  1. Everyone's circumstances are different, as long you get through this and in the future we'll be all OK and get supporting Pvfc and the shanahans. Hope your OK mate
  2. We've got 2 season tickets and I would never think of trying to get money back for the games we will miss. And I'd be happy to pay to watch the games on Ifollow or anywhere else as long as the money goes to our club
  3. With no games and even when games do start again they will be behind closed doors the club really could do with money coming in the online shop is still open even its the smallest purchase every little helps the club
  4. Problems yes but people are worried about different things through this losing their jobs paying rent mortgages etc it's totally different
  5. I got mine and my lads on the payment plan in January next season will happen sometime its just when will fans be allowed back in but we've got to support the club they need and deserve our support through this
  6. Is it right to Compare sales at this moment in time some fans will hold onto money just incase this lockdown goes on for months but I'm sure we will eventually sell the 4000 we always get [emoji41]
  7. That's amazing [emoji1665][emoji169][emoji1665][emoji169]
  8. That's superb I wouldn't mind the first half against QPR [emoji41]
  9. Just been looking and goal of the season what about Cullens first against Colchester the pass from Worrall the control by Cullen and his finish were superb
  10. And this is after just 12 months the future is looking very very bright even if this virus has put everything on hold for now
  11. 9 out of 10 gutted my mind went blank with Paul kerrs name
  12. Player of the season I'd say Worrall Smith or legge Young player Burgess or gibbo
  13. Best goal defo Pope's at City but what about jake Taylor at orient
  14. Clubman of the year Carol Shanahan I Know its not just herself but how everyone views our club over the last 12 months has changed so much we are now viewed as one of the best run clubs in the lower leagues and this is just the beginning
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