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  1. If you think most of this season our defence has been shocking that makes a keeper hesitate and not sure what to do because his defence aren't giving him any confidence. Plus I think this year has affected players in different ways. This keeper single handedly kept us in the league not long ago with some unbelievable performances.
  2. Friday evening would be good extra days rest before Barrow on Tuesday
  3. Sorry to hear Barry . We can't thank you enough for every competition you do on here you are amazing. Take care
  4. Good refs bad refs what gets me is how they see the rules that's the biggest problem in football, one will give the decision the same offence isn't given by another. That's the biggest problem with refereeing. There needs to be more officials around pitches who stick to laws and work as a team like in other sports like rugby union and American football
  5. I thought we might make changes for the Harrogate game and we didn't. Why would you not want to play at the moment 4 days rest and sort out any niggles and the same 11 go again.
  6. Great idea donated mate [emoji106]
  7. A great win and great performance how long is it since we've looked comfortable leading 1-0. It says they had 2 shots on goal but tbh I don't think they ever really threatened our goal and their keeper kept the score down with 2 or 3 good saves. Every single player is performing and deserve credit but Rodney and Robinson unfront were unbelievable today
  8. I'm absolutely In shock, no age so so sad he was a fantastic player and a great bloke thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends and all at Yeovil FC, R.I.P Lee
  9. For me pope is worth a 1 or 2 year contract yes we need 2 or 3 main strikers infront of him now but he's still worth 10/15 goals a season even off the bench.
  10. Another great game we don't need to be scared of anyone in this league another 3 points coming up [emoji41][emoji41]
  11. It's taken time to get the squad in the shape Clarke wanted but my god aren't we looking a different set of players now. Even after the set back of conceding on half time we came out no heads had dropped we kept going and got our rewards. We need to get conlon on a new contract ASAP he's looking so sharp and has got goals in him.
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