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  1. When I first saw the top my reaction was omg there's alot going on on that top but I didn't dislike it, and the more I kept looking at it I actual like it alot, it's different and there's a story behind the design which is good. I'll be going up today to buy 2 and then can't wait to see the away kit [emoji41]
  2. I suppose it will depend on the ground capacity and how many season tickets the club sells. If vale are allowed around 5000 into the stadium then maybe they will be able to put tickets on sale before the day of the game
  3. We've got pope Cullen and now Rodney do we go for another experienced striker surely with all the players been released there are a few available or do we get a youngster in from a championship or greedy league club
  4. Most don't get 4000 gates so they should be OK without any away fans as well
  5. I think It's early days with pubs and buses tbh we'll see over the next month if we gets spikes in the virus. It's going toilet at half time etc in a stadium how do you do all that safely once your in you seats.
  6. If we sell around 4000 season tickets then they only put x amount of tickets up for sale to buy every home game then will know every game the max amount of fans turning up
  7. I can't see it being half the capacity but at Vale 5000-6000 fans could be done easily as long as all fans cooperate the club put an x on seats we can sit on you might not be able to sit in your normal seats for a while or even in your normal stand we will use the away end to spread fans out more
  8. Same here ordered 3 tops when there was 50% off so easy to order
  9. Even during these strange times vale fans keep giving the concourse fund has passed the £10,000 mark
  10. They should look at each club separately and set a budget accordingly not just 1.25 million for everyone
  11. Without a doubt Worrall, but alot of the lads have been superb this season legge Smith Joyce Burgess Taylor and another unsung hero Scott Brown some of his saves have been unbelievable.
  12. Everyone's circumstances are different, as long you get through this and in the future we'll be all OK and get supporting Pvfc and the shanahans. Hope your OK mate
  13. We've got 2 season tickets and I would never think of trying to get money back for the games we will miss. And I'd be happy to pay to watch the games on Ifollow or anywhere else as long as the money goes to our club
  14. With no games and even when games do start again they will be behind closed doors the club really could do with money coming in the online shop is still open even its the smallest purchase every little helps the club
  15. Problems yes but people are worried about different things through this losing their jobs paying rent mortgages etc it's totally different
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