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  1. Apologies Conrad, this was meant to an ironic response. Your fundamental point of how people react when under the influence of alcohol is a good one and is a very legitimate concern that some fans may have.
  2. Absolutely, it’s not an easy situation for fans and clubs alike. There is some good insight from people’s thoughts expressed on here.
  3. Some really good thoughts in there VF16
  4. VS the decision on a way fans is likely to be down to individual clubs rather than imposed by govt. My concern at Vale is how many of the older fan base will return to matches and how many Vale fans might consider it too risky for themselves to return - in which case the Hamil might not be needed for home fans.
  5. Well that’s it then, Vale behind closed doors and no fans for the rest of next season...might as well get a refund on my seats in ticket then 🤷‍♂️
  6. Why assume the worst about Vale/football fans? Fans will be aware that any poor behaviour might reduce the capacity of the stadium. Poor behaviour or failure to follow the new rules might lead to them as individuals being unable to go to football. That should be a sobering thought.
  7. The draft guidance document, which will probably remain draft because it might be continually changing, says that there will no tickets available on the day for home or away fans, if there any. Your point does raise a the question as to whether the ticket office will be accepting cash or whether it will be contactless or card payments only? October seems to be the earliest date for full scale return, but clubs should be running at least one test event. So there may be an opportunity in September for an even lower number of fans to attend a test match, who knows. I think people need to be re
  8. This is interesting Conrad and I think shows that, depending on our individual circumstances, our attitudes to risk will differ. There is a need to respect each other’s decisions going forward.
  9. You are right we should be able to accommodate a good number of fans ‘relatively easily’ in VP. You make an interesting point about corporate hospitality, are you saying this could be prioritised over other areas to maximise revenue? Just trying gauge opinion.
  10. That’s brave of you WV4E lol
  11. It could be that people are allocated a time to arrive at the stadium so they are not queuing outside. Thus is might be important for fans to be able to bring their own food and drink into the stadium or to have the ability to buy food and possibly beer? As you say no one would turn up if they had to queue for that long or had to be in the ground without refreshments.
  12. Personally I think there should be opportunities for people to either retain a season ticket seat for next year AND the need to allow 10 ticket fans and as hoc fans an opportunity to be at matches. We are in this together and I think everyone deserves an opportunity to watch Vale if they feel safe to do?
  13. I think this is such an important issue, first and foremost it’s about safety. Supporters will have differing views on this dependent on their own personal circumstances
  14. The club will have a choice of of two mechanisms in working out the crowd capacity, this will involve risk management and the number of stewards etc will play into this. I agree that additional income could be crucial, selling beer, drinks and food. This would be particularly so if fans have to arrive at the ground 2-3 hours before KO
  15. I think that confidence is Supporters will be a big factor in this, and also having update information. Guidance May well change but I think having some information, or the best we can offer is better than no information?
  16. How are people feeling about this? Will you be going? Renewing your season ticket? http://bit.ly/FansRtn (OVF article) It would be good to get some thoughts for the club to pick up as they continue planning for the return of fans in October??
  17. That’s for the courts to decide
  18. There would have to be a reason for someone to be aggrieved. Thus, if it’s it’s said “you can’t drive and don’t even apologise” this would lead to an assault charge if they were then hit. If they say something like “everyone knows blacks and gays can’t drive, you are twice as bad as all other drivers” then they were hit, that would be a hate crime. Newspaper paper headlines, well they are a law unto themselves. I’m not an apologist for the FA, they have many faults but, in Popes case, what a reasonable person might take as being racist has been documented in other circumstances and ‘they sa
  19. Absolutely, my fear is an appeal might only increase his ban. Vale need Pope available to play, he knows how to score goals and his overall play and work ethic is selfless for the team.
  20. There is a huge difference between two people who have an argument because, for example, one bumped into another or someone pushed in front of another person in a queue, and then one assaults the other, compared to someone who is is minding their own business and is assaulted because of their colour, religion, sexuality disability etc. In law these aggravated, hate crimes, can and do get tougher sentences. Pope was charged by the FA for an aggravated offence and therefore was always likely to get a larger ban than his previous ones.
  21. The problem for Pope was that the precedent was already in place, it had already been decided who the reasonable person is, therefore it was a battle he was never going to win.
  22. I was slightly surprised by the severity of the ban given to Pope, I was expecting a ban of 3 or 4 games. It seems his decision to appeal the decision that he was guilty has led to the increased severity. A further appeal could see this increased or reduced. Given the commission stated: “It is of particular concern that even now Mr Pope does not acknowledge the antisemitic message that is conveyed by the [Tweet]. It is also of concern that he has not seriously questioned the conspiracy theories that he allowed to inform his views”. I would be worried he is likely to have his ban increased if
  23. Thanks for the comments so far. It will be important to feed these, and any others yet to come, into the fans council meeting, together with views from other clubs.
  24. **FOOTBALL WITHOUT FANS** The Football Supporters’ Association - @WeAreTheFSA have a National Council meeting this Sunday. @OfficialPVFC fans should football beginning without fans in #ValePark? Should @EFL wait until October when some fans can? Let me know your thoughts?
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