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  1. Santa, sadly it was not down to one person. Education is certainly the way forward, I’m not sure I was advocating some kind of collective re-education, rather merely giving voice to the silent majority. CV - you are right, as far as I’m aware, with the assertion that no club has ever been given a points deduction. However, it was pointed out to me that it was not normal for an away club to be charged for not controlling fans, they thought it might have been a first. Diversity is a hot topic at the moment and the spotlight is on the footballing authorities and how lenient they have been in the past. If I was to take a punt on it, I’d say a lower league club rather than a Premier League club is more likely to be the first team hit with a points deduction.
  2. Once you've selected your size and filled in your postal details, click on the button that says 'next step' and follow that through to payment. Hope that helps. Malc
  3. It's great that these have nearly all gone and we have 500 anti-racism t-shirts that Vale fans are happy to have and wear. We've printed 500 and now only have 24 remaining. As of this moment we the following sizes available: Small - 19 left Medium - 3 left 3XL - 2 left The t-shirts are free but if you'd like to make a donation towards future inclusion and diversity projects at Vale, that would be appreciated. Otherwise you only have to pay for the postage (from £2.60). Follow this link http://bit.ly/2BnVTHT to get your t-shirt before they all go.
  4. He did, thankfully. It should put him under more pressure to go.
  5. Long term pressure. The Oystons are now losing money rather than taking money out of the club.
  6. Blackpool have been running a success Not A Penny More campaign against the club run by Smurthwaite’s mentor Oyston. https://measuredprogress.co.uk/2018/02/28/the-crumbling-empire-blackpool-fcs-2016-17-accounts/ I think something similar could be very effective at Vale Park
  7. There is no evidence from any accounts that off-field revenue goes back into the playing side. How will he finance the project? Even more debt into the club? We don’t need more debt we need investment in the team. Even better we need Smurthwaite gone from the club.
  8. The time is for Norman to prove how this loss is being created. None of his financial figures make any sense.
  9. If these people were fans they would put the interests of the club above their own primeval needs. I make around 30 games or so a season and I recognised very few of those going across to cause trouble. I’ve been told that a lot of them get their transport and match ticket paid for, all they need is money to buy beer. Interesting if that is true. We need to grow the fan base and having these kinds of people associated with the club simply won’t help, especially when the football is not particularly good. Let’s hope the FA don’t deduct any points given the fact we are already on a warning.
  10. Indeed Barry. Potentially we could find ourselves in a very destructive downward spiral. Loss of income from season tickets, merchandise, away fans, consolidation payments, sponsorship, advertising etc together with the running costs of our large stadium. Sent from my iPhone using onevalefan
  11. 4,192 please Barry Sent from my iPhone using onevalefan
  12. Did the fans dismantle a perfectly good League 1 team in 2016? No Did the fans appoint Bruno and pay someone for all these gems from across Europe? No Did the fans appoint Brown and take us down to League 2? No Have the fans taken us from a debt free club that owned its own ground to now owing its owner £3m +? No Most of the fans I talk to only want a well run, sustainable club with he odd bit of success along the way. Oh yes and to be a League Football team. If those are unrealistic expectations then there is no hope for us.
  13. Done deal Sent from my iPhone using the onevalefan mobile app
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